Unlimited cows. Its free real estate

Step 1. Craft a full inventory of pole arms.
Step 2. Upgrade them ALL to legendary.
Step 3. Run cows.
Step 4. Profit.

Rinse repeat.

Step 5: Scrap your inventory full of garbage drops at the blacksmith


6: Do the math and realize you spent more in mats to make the polearms than you received back during the run.


not even close. Its a massive net gain. (also, you perfectly described the Diablo 3 gameplay)


I just found Primal Shoulders for follower. :slight_smile:


not to mention instant 6x shrines lol.

Every new game should start with cows. Its free money.


T’was being hyperbolic. Point is you can get just as many mats doing other, more productive things.


I presume you are being a troll, otherwise you must be very new to the game and think you have stumbled onto something amazing. Mean while the rest of us are just laughing at you.


We’re all tough cookies here.

I have been mentioning this to people in game for days, and most of the people I show have had no idea. So thanks, despite your elitist attitude, you do not represent the majority of players.

Not kind or even acceptable on any level.

OP just made a post and wanted to share his/her view.

Lighten up everyone.


What’s the point of 6 shrines? They go away when I enter GR.

I like running cows


The only thing really profitable with the cowlevel is the two guaranteed xp pools, of course that’s entirely beside the point this season.

It’s a decent place to solo level alts though.


@Kargon Not to mention all the shrines. :slight_smile:


@T-bone For gkey runs, or bounties, or uber farms, or prebuffing /w MF shrines pre ancient puzzle runs.

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The shrine effect stays in echoing nightmares.

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Do a little thinking before you post about open world activities rewarding more of anything then regular rifts. Cows have 2 benefits and only 2. Gathering 2 fast pools and power leveling a new character. All regular rifts have increased drop rates by a lot not to mention you need the keys anyways.

If your worried about gold you are doing something wrong


Money = gold to you?

Benefits of cows;

#1 Shrines
#2 Gems
#3 Gold & materials
#4 Primals

Add the fact that if you craft 10 yellow poles, and upgrade them to legendary, you always get at least one, often more than 1 cow rod, and there is absolutely no reason not to start any uber, echo, or rifts runs with cows.


I never said it was the best, or better than anything. I simply said that the cost to craft a cow rod is less than what you get from clearing cows. Do you suffer from reading comprehension problems or do you just read the first couple words, and the last couple words, then use your imagination to fill in the blanks?

Dont need any of those and have not entered a single cow level all season.

You realize that you get all those item and more of them each rift you run and do not need to craft anything?

It costs you 65 of each mat plus 25 DBs each craft. I guarantee you you are losing mats every run. That would mean you are filling up your inventory then selling all items 4-5 times from a single cow level. Simple fact: That is not happening!!!


I can think of one more - it’s a good place to get the ‘Avarice’ conquest when it appears as a season objective. It can be done in other places as well.


Sure add that to the list. Guess it helps when you care about season journey. Ive never completed one.

You still need to complete two conquests for Conqueror for the stash tab, and I’m pretty sure most people do at least that 5 times, personally I don’t really see a reason to not do Guardian as well once you’re there as most of the steps will be done by default, potentially all depending on how you play.

This guy gets it. Unfortunately OP does not.