Unhallowed Essence? New DH?

Hello, I’m starting a DH. I already have 1200+ paragon and most of the Altar of Rites filled out (just need the Staff of Herding for the last ones)

Is Unhallowed Essence a good build for first time Demon Hunter?

Also is the male or female Demon Hunter better (voice actingwise, who is more accurate or more convincing as a voice actor)

Also, is there any tips you can give me for UE build (or multi shot builds in general?)

What level of keys can UE-DH run quickly (within a minute or so?)

Unhallowed Essence (UE) and Gears of Dreadlands (GoD) are both very good all around builds for DH.

You can do literally everything in the game with either of those builds: bounties, T16 rifts, low tier GR item farming, mid tier GR XP speeds.

Both builds can move fast and are easy to play (at least in farming tier content).

That will depend a bit on your gear, but you should be able to farm GR90-GR110 very quickly with UE. Clear speeds will start to drop noticeably for GR120+.


Hello I have another question, My captain crimsons belt is not letting my roll All Resist onto it?

I have

I’m trying to roll the armor into all resist but it says the only options are
Life Per Second
+% evasive fire damage (and other spells)

If it has one of the secondary resistances (physical, poison, arcane, fire, lighting, cold) it cannot roll all resist. They are mutually exclusive.

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You gotta keep making belts till the all resist shows up.

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Hey sorry to bother you guys again but did Blizzard increase the rate at which you find primal ancient legendary items in this patch because it seems like I’m getting a lot. (Not counting the double primal from the WARNING node on the altar of rights)

I even got two of the exact same primal yesterday (two obsidian ring of the zodiac) and I didn’t even have the guaranteed 2X primal “WARNING” node from the altar.

I’ve had voices turned off every since Tyreal started complaining about his stomach.

The only good voice is Azula.


Finally, somebody said it.

Every season, with every new character made, we have to hear all about the special enemies from RoS. I’m so over it. Nobody cares, Tyrael!