Unable to Scroll Skills seem to be locked

I am new beta testing reporting. I am using Demon Hunter - The Shadow’s Mantle and using a melee weapon.

Using the Melee weapon does not allow me to use Skill 4 (locked to Archery).

I am not sure if this is a beta thing or if it is a bug in 2.7.2.

One reason could be that on PTR your options are reset to standard so you have to choose “elective mode” for skills again and also your key mappings will be the default ones

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Easy way to set PTR Options to Live Options

  1. Go to your Documents folder.
  2. Open the Diablo III folder.
  3. Find two files: D3Prefs.txt and D3PrefsPTR.txt.
  4. Open the D3Prefs.txt file and copy all contents to the clipboard.
  5. Open the D3PrefsPTR.txt file, Select All and paste the Live prefs.
  6. Save your D3PrefsPTR.txt file.

Now, your Live and your PTR Options are exactly the same.