Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV

Code 315306. No where else to post this or ask for support. Anyone else getting this after the most recent update?


I got the same error.


Same. Just happened to me now, 15 min. later after the update. And the private test build becomes to 0.
I thought the beta is end. HELP!!! :cold_face:

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what happened with this update?
I wish there was specific forums for D4.

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same here error code 7

Hey folks,

There is no public facing forum for D4 due to its NDA.

For D4 technical support, you can open a technical support ticket under Diablo 3, but indicate clearly that you are looking for assistance for the D4 Beta.

Know that ticket times are a running very long at the moment so it may take some time to get a response.


I received the same error

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I keep getting an error code 315306 for invalid licence yet I pre-purchased the most expensive version an even lied to my boss so I could take next two days off lmao :joy: kinda frustrating I can’t find help anywhere


Same here i bought the deluxe version had to youtube a video on how to find the beta to download it i download it and yes i know its the 16th but i try to log on and get error code 315306 unable to validate license wtf im hoping it works tommorow but u CAN NOT MAKE A TICKET ON BLIZZARD SUPPORT there is no help anywere for this issue other than that others have the exact same issue thanks for relieving our stress blizzard


I am getting the same thing to :confused:

Just sat down to play D4. PS app sent me a notification saying it was ready to play on console. Game starts and gives error code 315306. Lame……

I totally get that, damn

I got the same thing is it just because the early access has started yet

getting that code as well

Same here licence code error. ….I’m in Australia :australia:
The beta has started hasn’t it ???

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Its because its too early still they have the times posted on a site. I kno it wont be on for EST until 12pm march 17th


cf: Your Guide to the Diablo IV Open Beta — Diablo IV — Blizzard News

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mesmo problema aqui! ta chato!!!