Unable to add a Flawless Royal Emerald in weapon

I have an HOTAS barb with an Socketable Echoing Fury but i’m unable to add a Flawless Royal Emerald in weapon. This happened after an update during the PTR period.

I tried to socket it when it was equiped and even put the weapon in the “rucksack” to socket it with no luck. Something is really wrong here after the latest updates.

Btw, in some cases it was possible to socket SoulShards in both weapons and in the helmet.

  1. Unsocket both of your weapons.
  2. Close the game client.
  3. Restart the game client.
  4. You should now be able to re-socket both weapons.

But, yes, this is a new bug introduced after they fixed the problem of being able to have soul shards in both equipped weapons.