UltraWide Screen M1 chip


I have a MacBook pro with a M1 chip and an ultraWide monitor (3440x1440) and I would like to play D3 on that UltraWide Monitor.

However, the max in game resolution I can put is: 2500x1600, I don’t have higher.

I checked other posts, I am in Windowed (Fullscreen) mode.

I also tried editing D3Prefs and editing resolution manually, but when I launch the game it sets to the lowest resolution possible.

Do you guys have any idea ?

24" iMac highest settings is the native resolution of screen which is fullscreen at 4480x2520x60 (16:9 Widescreen). This is similar to how the 27" iMac was adjustable to its native resolution.

I know the desktop PCs can play ultra widescreen, so being its the same underlying engine you need to disable your internal monitor with that resolution limits and output only to the ultra wide external display.

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