Ultrawide Screen Black Bars? Realy?

Any news on how they are going to address the black bars issue?

There has only been word that they are talking about how to address it so at least its a talking point, hopefully they will find a best solution.


We should get at the very least a response on what they are doing to address this. I will not want to go into launch, THEN they decide to make a post about it.

They should let people know before or after where it will be, so we can decide if we want to continue with a purchase or not. This, along with PlugY (lack-of), which goes into the TCP/IP support really is making me not as enthusiastic about the game.

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They aren’t going to fix this, doing so would literally be giving people with UW a cheat allowing them to see and cast further than normal players.

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D2R is a based on a “new” 3D engine, so I think the possibility of FOW or even a better “working” solution should be possible in D2R.
The black bars are really annoying.

I am also a UW user, but if it is not implemented further than 19:9 or in some other way, I am ok with it, even if I think it is a great pity


Copied from another post about this.

"Newer [example], 21:9 with 16:9 active, only bottom left isn’t explored and added half a npc to the right as an example of them not being visible outside 16:9, “map” inserted for looks.


Absolutely no advantage, you can’t see where you haven’t been, you can’t see npcs where you have been but are outside 16:9, you can’t target outside 16:9, everything is cleaner and not lazily blacked out."

If this was the old engine, lots of work, on anything newer should be an easier process.


perfection. i dont see any problems with that

that is still ugly and not playable and it’s still rendering under and use gpu and cpu for nothing it*s not a solution it’s the same vignette only not so dark

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Yup I agree, mind you this was a 2 minute job but mainly tossed it out there as alternative idea/better explanation of what some suggest as a compromise as blacking out all the time is clearly a dumb idea, not that we know what they have in mind.

Preferably I agree no bars of any kind.

Edit: I will say the idea shown in the picture the gray non active can still animate, it will just be desaturated, only unexplored will be blackened more which makes sense.

Bars would be a waste of gpu as you never are using that space at any point in time.

I’ve suggested (much earlier in the thread) to allow terrain to be fully rendered while hiding NPCs, players, objects and items until they are within the 19:9 area (and limiting spell cast/range to 19:9 too - in testing, teleport already is limited to 19:9).

There’s no reason to impose a vignette, even on unexplored terrain… if anyone thinks people are looking at the terrain while mapping and not the MAP, then they have never played any ARPG seriously.

Hiding 1/4 to 1/2 of the screen with black bars while stuff is being rendered beneath is doing UW/SUW users a big disservice. Not only does it make the game aesthetically unpleasing but as a 32:9 user running 5120x1440, my GPU utilization is increased by 35% while playing full screen compared to windowed 2160x1440 in the beta.

That’s straight up “not fair”. Except, when we raise this as an issue in bug reports and forum posts, it’s ignored. When I tweeted this issue to Rod, I got blocked. Blizzard are a joke.


IF THIS CRAP IS HAPPENING IM NOT EVEN INSTALLING THE GARBAGE GAME ALSO DELETE ALL OTHER LIZZARD GAMES FROM MY PC AND NEVER LOOK BACK WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS 23 MAYBE IT WILL BE CRACKED ALPHA FOR UW PLAYERS GOOD LUCK WITH THAT LIZZARD. it’s a good thing we have a game like elder scrolls online with full uw support at least the developers of that game have a functional brain and made a game a long time ago that is still very good in 2021. mean while lizzard have been smoking to many pair of old socks and have the brain functionality of a bunch of retards that still live in 2000 and releasing garbage that’s not even worth the download time.


I don’t get how there are so many other solutions than to use the black bars. For them to still use the black bars will just be a scapegoat. If that happens and there is no Blizz post before launch I will be refunding. They claimed a lot of things so far, I believe VV was behind UW (as was showed in Alpha) and it was Ron and Blizz that catered to the PvP crowd.

im sure here we have some ppl that work at blizz Introducing the Mentally Retarded Educational Film 1964 - YouTube

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UW support kills far more than pvp, it would even give people an advantage in pvm by allowing faster teleporting. If it’s possible to solve this, it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t give UW users ANY possible advantage.

it does not the tp range is already fixed to 16:9


They should zoom the camera in a little bit for ultrawide.

No, they should not. 32:9 users would lose a considerable amount of vertical view.

Again, simply hiding all interactable objects, NPCs, players and spells until they are in the 19:9 view (as is confirmed the “maximum” ratio they are prepared to push the engine to balance AI behaviour) while rendering the terrain is a fair and discrete compromise.

If Blizzard are not willing to invest in the development to achieve this, then at the very least they should ensure that the engine is not rendering anything underneath the vignette. As I have already tested, 5120x1440 full screen uses 35% more GPU resources compared to 2160x1440 windowed, where the viewable area is pretty much identical.

In my eyes, the development effort to optimize the game engine to fix the above issue would be the same (if not more) than if they were to implement the first suggestion.

This is 2021, we should not settle on band aid fixes for trivial problems.


UW Players should consider taking legal actions


Because you’re simply too stupid to exactly understand the whole issue here… Jesus christ man.

Funny that’s how I feel about you.