Ulianna: Mythic Rhythm SSS?

  1. Where is the Mythic Rhythm buff icon?

  2. Is there any difference if I cast SSS when with Mythic Rhythm?
    or should I save it for Exploding Palm?
    or Dont bother wit it at all?

  1. non existent
  2. palm deals more dmg. but you need to manually apply palm and need to watch that you did not apply palm with 3rd gen before since it wont get buffed but also will steal your mr

Can I manually override the EP from a 3rd hit?

ie, I cannot generate MR without doing a 3-hit (to a RG in particular)… I need to hit the RG to gain MR then manually EP… will that work?

Applying EP manually will overwrite the EP that the Uliana 2 piece applied. Gungdo Gear will spread that MR buffed EP and if the only target is a RG, every palm detonation will have MR applied to it, even if you use Uliana 2 piece on the RG later. Uliana 2 piece does not overwrite an existing EP on a target.

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Awesome awesome!
So as long as I manually apply, I get the MR applied. Great…

Does manually applying a non MR EP override the MR EP?
ie, if I EP more than once in succession. In the thick of battle, I could not count it all the time.

Yes it does. Manually applying EP will overwrite whatever EP is on a target, regardless if it has MR or not, or if it was applied via Uliana 2 piece or Madstone.

Once you have a MR buffed EP on a pack or RG, you basically don’t need to apply EP manually anymore and just focus on getting SSS off as quickly as possible, and you can let the MR buff apply to SSS for a little extra damage during your rotations (EP still is like 90% of your damage regardless).

Nice nice!

So I just had to be super careful to apply ONCE!

Maybe gen for 2-3 seconds (to ensure I got MR) then attack EP once then SSS… then no more EP until all of them dead.

ok thanks!

Uliana mechanic sure is complicated! no wonder it is so unplayed! Every class need to have 1 or 2 poor sets… :frowning:

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And to get super crazy with mechanics: Shenlong and fist of az in cube is way more powerful. After the latest shen buff I played like this, people on eu ladder saw it and copied. Maxroll is still without shen, its a loss of potential. But then you do not sss whenever you can, you need to manage your spirit such that your shen buff is active in cold rota and you sss :slight_smile:


This Uliana 2pc is completely useless then. It has to be changed!

Maxroll has the shenlong variety as you said… I totally agree with you that shenlong gives more DPS… this gives me an idea that 2pc should be changed to reduce SSS cooldown per hit…

Oh good thing I came across this thread I didnt about this.

yea this makes the first set bonus useless tbh if one wants to use Mythic Rhythm.