Uliana's Stratagem Set Dungeon


Need help on the Uliana’s Stratagem Set Dungeon. Regarding the first objective, I can’t seem to figure out the right skill combo sequence to make that work. When I’m by some bone warriors, I use:

  1. 1 cyclone strike to pull them near. Lets just say I grabbed 15 for an example.
  2. 1 Exploding Palm is used on one of the mobs.
  3. 1 Seven-Sided Strike is used.

After step #3 and out of those 15 guys I grabbed, it says I exploded only 2. However, the other warriors did die as well after step #3. I don’t have much damage on (around 400k if I recall). Can someone clue me in on how to explode all 15 at once and not just a couple? Nothing of this exploding problem is mentioned in the ice veins guide.


Don’t use madstone. It has it’s uses in normal gameplay but does not count in the dungeon. That’s also why none of the guides have it.

@Bassdude - Thanks for the suggestion, but I wasn’t using that.
@Meteorblade - Thanks for the video.

So, this seems to be the actual needed sequence:

  1. 1 cyclone strike to pull them near.
  2. 1 Exploding Palm is used on one of the mobs.
  3. Keep using Way of the Hundred Fists until you see other mobs also have the exploding palm mark.
  4. Use 1 Seven-Sided Strike.

I was missing step #3 before. Now, all I have to do is actually complete the map. :slight_smile:

[edit]Success! Now I have the mastery all done and got my new wings. :slight_smile:


Ah ok so the description is misleading. As when I read it I understood you have to touch with exploding palm to each one at the time… the creators of the game had 2 things to do create the animation and write the objectives clearly…guess they failed the second part.