UI Bug, cannot see or interact with elements

My UI flickered and then disappeared. I cannot interact with menus, the resurrect options. I’ve tried repeatedly to link an image but the forums won’t let me upload.

Every skill slot is empty and grey. life/resource still visible. teleport, options, social all not visible. I died, however resurrect menu is not visible. pressing escape works (pauses game) but no menu is visible.

I have saved images but cannot post links for some reason

First, upload your image to a free image-hosting site such as imgur.

Copy the URL of your image to the clipboard and paste it into your forum post

Highlight the URL in your post

Click the </> button in the editor

This will turn your URL into pre-formatted text

The result will be a properly formatted URL (although not clickable) that others can copy / paste like this…


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Thank you for the help Meteorblade

album of images of bugs

1st image: original bug. many things are not visible/interactable, cannot access menus (I am dead so no life in this image). I think some UI elements flickered before stay as is seen in this image

2nd/3rd image: after alt tabbing back into the game this black rectangle replaced part of my UI. it is about 10% transparent

Embedding for you…