UE MS should get another multiplier

  1. I notice that the best clear on UE involves hexing pants which promotes a stutter-step play style that’s very hard on one’s wrist. I’d like to see an armor piece, preferably a belt that would compete with zoey’s secret, that gives a multiplier of 2-2.5x and allows one to play without stutter stepping.
  2. It is so strange that UE was specifically designed for MS, but the best push build for MS is ironically Marauders. I think it only makes sense to make UE be the go to for MS. Hence the suggestion of the armor piece in 1. By making it compete with zoey’s, devs wouldn’t allow it to buff Marauders. Another approach is to keep the multiplier from interacting with pets. After all, there’s a precedent for this - the devs got rid of Firebird’s interaction with mirror images.
  3. And of course, UE MS is plenty weak. It seems to be roughly ten tiers below Marauders. I think adding a 2-2.5x multiplier won’t make it more powerful than the leading set.

It’s actually outperforming Marauder for me in terms of sheer damage output, but then again…I don’t have perfect gear on either set.

I disagree with the belt idea. Doing that would force a choice between a pure damage increase and the damage/defense utility of Captain Crimson. If they wanted to include Bracers that would buff the set, I’d be totally fine with that. Yes, it would compete with Wraps of Clarity, but how many viable options are there here? You can easily reach 50% DR with Crimson.

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No, I mean for the cube; you can still use Crimson’s. People put hexing pants in the cube which promotes the stutter step style that induces carpal tunnel. And it has to be belt so that it competes with Zoey’s. Otherwise, Marauder’s might become insanely OP.

Also, look at the leaderboards. Clarity is BIS, and it’d be foolish to knock that out.

I’ve taken to using Cindercoat to reduce my resource costs to a more manageable level. I could still get away with using Vengeance: Seethe for this, but that would remove the DR from Dark Heart. That’s a lot of damage reduction to lose for some extra DPS.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t get a buff, but that there are fewer options if we go with the belt. Maybe look at altering an existing item instead of creating a new one?

Visage of Gunes: Vengeance gains the Dark Heart rune and increases Multishot Damage by 100%.

Trouble there is that it would help Marauder, which you’re trying to avoid doing. I don’t know that I have another suggestion here.

I think your suggestion can work too if the devs put a restriction saying that pets cannot benefit from the affix. They’ve done that before with the Firebird’s set.

That’s true, they have. Well, we can only suggest it. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to carry through or not.

Thanks for having a reasonable conversation about it. Too many here have gotten aggressively defensive of their own ideas. It’s kind of refreshing not to erupt into a flamewar for once.

Cool, cool. I hope they do introduce a buffing piece. One can hope!

Wouldn’t it be easier to just increase the 6-piece UE damage multiplier? Guaranteed to not interfere with marauders.

I think easy to learn, hard to master is a good thing. So imo it’s great that there is an option like hexing pants that adds that last bit of extra power, maybe a GR level or two or whatever it is, but only if you execute well.


I would take a general damage increase.

I think so, but for some reason, the dev in charge of DH seems to be somehow allergic to that thought. He refused to buff the set even after numerous feedback from the community. Wondering if he’d at least be open to this.

Also, I do think promoting an ergonomically unsound gameplay that clearly was not meant for movements-interspersed-with-stand-still-attacks is just negligent on the dev(s)'s part. Not thinking of player health is very unprofessional not to mention unkind.

I would enjoy another Grenade mechanic. That is my preferred UE6 skill option.

After throwing 30 Grenade projectiles your next Vault carpet bombs the ground with 10 Cluster Grenades each dealing 1000% weapon damage as Fire.

If you choose Grenade Cache it does 6 projectiles per second.

If you choose Cluster Grenade, the pierces count toward the total.

well if people want a UE MS buff, I want a s6 impale buff, which is probably slightly behind UE MS…I mean maxroll has s6 impale as tier B and UE MS as tier A (around 5GR difference). N6 spike trap and M6 Sentry both in tier A as well.

And, not a single DH build in tier S.

Go figure.

Convert GoD to include Rapid Fire with Strafe, and you could unlock another path to S tier.

Also, add Chakram Shurikan Cloud to S6 for some AoE trash clear…

Both ideas are good, but existing builds need to be buffed/balanced so that ALL mainstream builds perform as equal as possible.

Here’s what I’d like to see for DH:

  • S6 gives Chakram a flat damage increase, Sword of Ill Will gets a substantial buff too.
  • Rapid Fire boosts the damage of Rain of Vengeance via a revamp to Wojhanni Assaulter, both skills stay on LoD.
  • Fan of Knives gets a buffed through Sash of Knives.
  • Cluster Arrow gets added to Unhallowed Essence to play Cluster Bombs
  • Elemental Arrow gets a buff and becomes another competitive skill for Marauder’s & UE.
  • Danetta’s xBows gets a rework to buff generators, specifically through a Grenade/Vault interaction.
  • Bolas single target damage is reevaluated.