Ubers/Bosses needs love

At t16 bosses are a joke, please add something like a “Boss Challenge” with a battle against all the Bosses of the game in a random order increasing the difficult of the next boss and with a proper reward, maybe a ethereal as reward.

So where do you set the difficulty? To hard and only the very good/dedicated players can get it making the gap towards casuals even wider. Easy enough that anyone can do it it’s a walk in the park for most.

A guy with a paragon level like you already knows that the challenge is in greater rifts.
… and ethereals???


*Chance of ethereal or certain rare item, maybe 1% or 0.1%.

The difficulty can be in the following:

  • the difficulty could begin in gr75
  • Boss battle at difficult equal to GR 150
  • Bosses with affixes like elites
  • Bosses with percent damage on players, maybe a certain hit that means instakill
  • 2 o 3 bosses at the same time
  • Number of bosses killed = even more % of rare item.

Ethereals is a season theme. Won’t be in the game until that season is up for rotation.

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This already exists… it’s called Echoing Nightmare.

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