Tyrael Fan-Art Wings Redux 2019(2021)

Tyrael Fan-Art Wings Redux 2019(2021)

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I originally worked on this piece in my spare time. I didn’t realize it had already been 2 years. Time flew a mobile game was memed at and also like since then and also Diablo IV’s Cinematic By Three They Come was yet to be revealed.

One day I just decided hmm I wonder if I got better at Adobe CS3 since I last made a fan art piece. I know I still have a long ways to go but hey experimenting is always great.

So I decided to retry the Wings Tyrael has and see if I can make any kind of neat effects with them and make them more wispy vs the 2010 version I also am super proud of.

Tyrael Fan Art 2010 - Line Art by Holyknight3000 Tyrael 2010 Final Version A by Holyknight3000 Tyrael 2010 Final Version B by Holyknight3000

White by Holyknight3000

I also did a really old free-handed ball-point pen version of him as well. It’s not great but I still dig it.

Tyrael Pen Art by Holyknight3000

I hope you enjoy this piece even a little bit. It was meant to show progress personally and I thought it’d be neat sharing.

Let me know what you think.

Tyrael & Diablo 2/3/Immortal (C) Blizzard
Fan Art by Me

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