Two ranges of numbers when enchanting?

I am confused right now, must be something new? I’m enchanting a weapon for poison damage. I rolled a poison damage +1316-1579, then on the possible properties (?) there are two options for number ranges… +[1777-1439]-[1410-1778]. My friend is confused as well, says his does not look like that; we went through the game options and checked and unchecked things that might be causing and nothing changed.

Weapons have a lower range and a higher range. On some weapons the top lower range can get close to the upper Higher Range.

An example would be hand X-bows for the DH. The top Range is 1700, but the lower range can stretch from 1300-15XX. (Pulling the numbers from memory so may not be accurate. While Two hand X-bows, the low range is closer to the top range.

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Fictional example numbers to help illustrate the point:

Club of Clubbing: damage [50 - 100] - [100 - 150]

Average damage range would be 75 - 125

But you could find a Club of Clubbing that’s 100. Just straight up. In this fictional example. Lower range rolls max (100) while upper range rolls min (100).

Or you could find one that’s got wide variance of 50 - 150

Or one that’s just crappy altogether in 50 - 100

Or one that’s awesomesauce, 100 - 150 (primals are like this - they always roll max value on everything)

When you re-roll damage range on a weapon, you’re REALLY rolling the dice, so to speak, especially if you’re trying to get a specific damage type like poison (necros don’t really need that if you’re running a poison skill as your main source of damage). Cuz it won’t just be enough to get a “poison Club of Clubbing.” You’ll want a “poison Club of Clubbing also rolling near or at max range, on both min and max values.”

I basically never try to reroll damage range itself, except on Primals or otherwise perfect ancients.

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The First number is lowest range. The Second is highest one. The average damage on weapons is diferente.