Two questions about tal rasha wiz

  1. Do I cast star pact whenever CoE is on arcane rotation? Or should I wait for full arcane power?
  2. Do secondary meteors from Mempo of Twilight also gain the bonus from Star Pact?

this does not help. i already read it. It’s also not even the star pact version

You didn’t read enough then. Everything you asked and more is in the section marked “gameplay”.

Just something to consider if you like.

The Star Pact variant is a bit intensive to do effectively. The Comet variant is far more laid back but is still similar in dps to Star Pact. Also, CoE is there, but its dependency is far more lax.


looks like you need an actual real genious to help here.


  1. no your mana should be filling up full every second with crit gives mana so spam it
  2. Yes they get the star pact bonus all 7, just self tested.

Edit: i had to edit this
this is the best i can give you to visualize it.


they fixed meteor shower so it is getting full star pact.

Not really if it’s you.

But you’re right on your first and second point.

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I also suggest you pick the cold version (aka Comet) for Tal Rasha. Way easier to play, tankier, more consistent, easy resource-management. Sure, Star pact has higher damage potential but it’s also not beginner friendly. Comet can clear GR150 easily too. And is also excellent for farming. Maybe start with comet, get acquainted with the build, and later on change to Star pact once you have paragons and great gear and have unlocked the altar. By the way, you have 7 classes this season and you made them fairly early (1000 paragons). While there is nothing wrong with that, unavoidably, you will end up splitting your time among all 7, and that way it’s harder to min/max a said class. Focus on one class for now (seems your Necro is the best geared so far compared to the other 6). It’s okay to have a second, maybe for T16 and bounties and your main for GRs. You can play other classes later, but at least try to progress a bit more with your main (ancient gear, correct stats, high gems, augments, etc.). From what I’ve seen, I have a feeling that you play really inefficiently, probably spending too much time in Neph rifts, bounties, lvling up your alts, and/or farm low GRs. D3 is all about efficiency. At this point of the season, you should be farming GR120 and above, if you play on a daily basis with any of the good sets.

So why are you here then?

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It depends on the situation, sometimes you have to ignore CoE and if your AP is less then 100%.

But in order to maximize your damage it is best when you cast them on arcane cycle at max Arcane Power.

Keep in mind that resourcecost reduction is really good for Star Pact.

That version of the build is rated D tier according to maxroll. I went with star pact right from the start and never had had a problem with playing it or resource management. Just sayin’

Eh, no it isn’t according to Maxroll. There are no Meteor builds in D-tier.

You do realize that’s not a Meteor build?

ah my mistake my apologies. They don’t even have one there. I do stand by starpact being neither difficult nor a resource problem tho

The Altar certainly makes the Star Pact variant much easier to play. Not only does it provide resource on crit but also when you use the potion and get the Empowered shrine effect, the resource regen skyrockets, allowing you to spam Meteors.

It requires density to shine and you don’t get the benefit of the stuns from Comet so between them it’s much less forgiving.

Very true I never seem to have a problem calling them forth.

80% slow though.

as you can see, it’s a very high skill ceiling build, unlike comet.