Trying Seasonal HC - First death... by DC

Not complaining, just looking for some consoling. It sucked. :frowning:

This was my first HC character ever. I don’t think I can get the third conquest with my soft toon so I thought I’d try for the 45GR w/o any set gear in HC.

I tried to log back in as fast as I could but he was gone… :cry:

Luckily I had created a gem of ease up to 25 so I could put it in a weapon to help level up a new toon (lost about a day), but it just hurts knowing it wasn’t because of something I did wrong.


I feel for you dazart. If it makes you feel any better, we’ve all been there. Good luck.

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I’ve never lost a hardcore character to a disconnect, but I play primarily on console and disconnects are extremely infrequent (I have had the game completely freeze but I was not in hardcore). Anyway, I have lost HC characters for other reasons, mostly me being stupid so I understand the pain of seeing a good character wiped out forever. You were smarter than me and had some backup stuff… so it won’t take long to get an alt. I think, for me anyway, that’s the most fun part.

Welcome. Stay awhile…

Sucks, but DC deaths do occasionally happen. Good on you for toughing it out.

Some nice guy will level you up, give you some gearboost.

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I tried HC on this game years ago.

It is a miserable experience plagued by the constant required to be online/DRM and server lag/drops.

Not worth playing HC.


Yeap. Did the achievements ASAP and forgot like nightmare.