Trophy Hunting Problems

Playing Hardcore:

Today I killed an Enraged Phantom in Festering Woods, it was yellow, a rare, Kauza Warcaller; and did not get credit for the kill in my Trophy Hunting achievement log.

I’ve run Festering Wood and Decaying Crypt and Mysterious Cave for days … first yellow I’ve seen (lots of blues). So I’m a bit miffed I didn’t get credit. Also killed a yellow named ghost in Mysterious Cave; no credit for that kill either (by the look of it I presume it was a Deathly Haunt or Enraged Phantom).

As for the name aspect, I killed a yellow Skull Sword earlier, also had a name, and got credit for that kill. So no clue why these ghosts failed.

So question is: has anyone gotten credit for killing the yellow ghosts Deathly Haunt or Enraged Phantom ??

And I have not seen any Deathly Haunt ghosts of any level anywhere. All of them have been enraged phantoms - white, blue, yellow.

Sometimes it takes time between killing the mob and the tickbox in the achievement getting the tick in it. I’ve done this achievement myself and I know it will eventually work. My only tip, if you’re not already doing so, is to ensure that you’re running the maps with Nemesis bracers on, so that any pylons you find also have a chance to spawn yellow packs of the mobs you’re hunting.

Good luck.


Is wasn’t any delay. Just a poor spawn rate. First run after donning Nemesis - poof - the right mob spawned at the right zone. Thank you! Finished both Trophy Hunting and We Are the Champions.

Getting the Gibbering Gemstone on the other hand … sheesh … 25 spawns of Chiltara, more than 40 runs of Frozen Caverns, several of which were quests for Chiltara. But, I have my Hardcore Staff of Herding.

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