Tristy, Tomb runs today!

open it early BLIZZ! just for people in forum please.

You got an hour man it’s not that long breathe grab some coffee and a bedpan and be ready for the grind

Calm down young nephalem

yes grabbing poop sock

still 10%… soo sloowww

This is funny and ridiculous at the same time.

No preload?

I’m still at work for the next 6 hours
Bob the golem needs to live again

I love talking to Bob.

Yeah pre installing, one hour + already and still at 12%…

Downloading from Australia

Gonna try the vpn trick …

Karma is a butch so take this suggestion with a grain of sick but - - - call in covid!!

Where are you guys i am in the blood moor waiting

At work for the next 6 hours

Same, and I leave for europe tomorrow :sweat_smile:

Today ? U will do nothing but wait for the queue.
Or in the best case, for the servers to come back after the crash.

Realist1/1 if anyone wants to get down with me and my lil brudda’s.

I’m a single player player hopefully it’s not gonna be down for that

i’m trying to clear out my bowels not to be interrupted later!

Beta didn’t crash, and much bigger games have launched with no issues. Blizz server will do just fine for a 20+ year old game relaunch, I’m sure. ROFL.

i cant wait 14 min!!! go go go! gawd… im out of coffee… 1 liter isnt enough