Transmog Question

If I create a Necro, collect some of its gear for transmogs. My question is:

  • can I make my current Wizard use Necro transmogs to look like a Necro?

I’ve seen a Barb using the Wizards Vyr set and it was pretty funny. But since I like the bone transmogs on the Necro… I’m wondering if I would be able to get that on my Wizard via Necro transmogs.

  • Does anyone have a picture of a Wizard using Necro transmogs?

Necro’s sets and items are necro-only and can’t be weared by other classes.
So thus their transmogs are limited to necro class only.

As a general rule: if a class can’t equip certain item, that transmog is not available for that class, no matter the item type.

Ah I see. That’s a good piece of info to have. Darn… Thank you for the knowledge.