Trag's Oul's rework

So how do you Necro mains feel about the new Trag’s set? Any math nerds, that can shine a light on, where will it land in power?

Blood rush needs a lower cooldown and siphon needs faster startup frames. Build doesn’t feel smooth to play and these two changes could work that out nicely.

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Feels really good, if squishy.

But dudes… LoD bloodnova…feels incredible. Im hoping it slips through unchanged.

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Yeah that was expected.

Insane trash clearing potential, atrocious single target damage. The Nova needs an additional damage modifier for single targets.

Feels reasonably tanky as well. At least on level of GR105 there really wasn’t any major issues with survivability other than lag and user errors.

I might go necro when S27 officially arrives.

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I must say that it looks like the most promising build for next season both in and out of seasonal play - Especially for speeds. What do you guys think?

Absolutely. I’d say it has about an A Tier push potential too.

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It’s very good, but Siphon blood takes ticks to start doing anything, which means there’s a lot of downtime in a run.
That being said, fully augmented at about 100 and only 600 to 800 paragon, it’ll clear 120 fast.

It can be squishy, but using guardians set you become almost unstoppable, whilst sacrificing a little damage. Once you have high enough paragon and good enough gear to drop guardians, it’ll breeze past 130.

Single target is lacking compared to trash clearing power, but it’s still better than pretty much every other necro build outside of RGK.

And for boss killing you ran run Rathma. Unfortunately Rathma also dies instantly to a stiff breeze, so watch where you step.

I’d say it will be the cheapest speed run build for sure. What other class can clear 120 at that level of investment? And this is the reason I’ll pick it up!

I’m currently torn between playing Barb or Necro. I have not played Necro in many, many seasons. I also mainly play solo.

I was wondering, just how “involved” is playing Necro? Are the rotations relatively simple? Is there a ton of micromanaging?

Thanks, guys!

You can play the Necro in lazy mode, though the starter set is not the best, you can get a head start with the class since casualy, you can level to 70 in about 35 minutes. So then you can start farming out Trag’s much earlyer.


I’ve been playing Barb pretty exclusively the past few seasons, but to be honest the Raekor build sort of turned me off. And I’m sort of in the mood for something other than WW again, even of they’re getting a HotA build. Which Necro build is considered “lazy”? Sometimes I like to farm keys while watching a TV show or something. And I only ever “push” the GRs for the sake of carrying more blood shards; I don’t care about ranking or anything.

Well Rathma with it’s AoTD angelic power is pretty lazy. New Trag’s also, has farming potential, but you actually have to hit something with Blood Siphon to auto Blood Nova, so a bit of attention is required. I think Inarius is also going to be good with F Pick and Iron Rose setup with Briggs sucking cursed enemies into you bone tornado.

Nice! The last time I played Necro, I think it was the Inarius build, the “anti carpal tunnel” build, and it was perfect for some of the things I wanted to do.

There’s a few lazy options in S27.
With the Inarius set you literally don’t need to press any buttons once you have bone armor up, but to be able to farm T16 without pressing more buttons you need to have first gotten some good gear.

With Pestilence and the Golem power (or with max CDR + In-geom) you can have infinite corpse lances (either through Golem power or infinite LOTD), where you literally just run around and everything on screen dies.

Trag’s is faster, but requires a little effort. In T16 you can just drop mages every few seconds and run around, so it’s fairly lazy - no need to hit anything else besides the occasional bone armor or kill the boss. If you’re doing GRs you’ll likely want to take the Blood Nova build, in which case you have to pick targets, cast, and wait for the Novas to proc etc… It’s still relatively lazy, as it’s a 1-2 button build but to be efficient it’s a little more involved.

Rathma AotD is not lazy at all. You may be able to run T16 with it fairly lazily, but it’s also super squishy, so you’ll probably get 1 shot if you’re not paying attention and you have to keep your mages up on top of that, and keep your skeletons attacking. It’s probably still one of the strongest builds for pushing, but I much prefer Trag’s for playstyle + fun, and it’s honestly just as powerful this season imo. Also the better Rathma build uses Siphon blood now too.

So if you want lazy T16, Pestilence is probably going to be your best option in S27.

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With the sanctified power it’s kind of okay.