TR Push Weapons

Why is no one using Utar’s for push, Very consistent damage, 20% cold, easy to roll a ton of them?

Just seems odd no-one is considering it… the movement off Vengeful Wind doesn’t seem worth it when pushing.

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Most people push with swl set, there the wpns are determined.

If you push with PoJ you got three options: Take Balance as only wpn, wkl cubed
Take sunkeeper (30% elite dmg) and haunt for elite
take utars or i have no idea what the english name is but there is a sword with 20% cold :smiley:
I think sunkeeper is best choice if you push hard since then you go elite only and take the additional 30% which makes you equal with swk dmg.

If you go with Frostburns in the cube plus Utar’s Roar you can have up to 80% Cold damage and free chances to freeze. Going from 40% Cold on amulet and bracers to 80% Cold is a 28% increase to everything that Flurry hits, not just 30% to elites from Sunkeeper. Rimeheart and Azurewrath are also cold natured weapons.

I just cleared a 120 at 929 paragon using WKL and Azurewrath.


Nice. And ya I like frosties over the shoulders on cube and it synergizes with rimeheart and high freeze rate is a natural defense.

I was in D3planner and I was actually thinking rimeheart does really good damage in this build but the proc rate is so low…

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The 1rst on ladder in EU is using Sever sword
(the last damage is buff by 50000% --> big AD damage)

Is that the 4 or 5 time sever bug has showed up in meta since 2013!? Lost track.

But I guess it’s BIS if it’s proving explosions. 50k weapon damage *100 is pack clear when it chains.

Cold Element Weapons:
Utar: +20% Cold Damage (No power though, suck)
Doombringer: can roll +20% Cold Damage (No power though, suck)
Azurewrath: +20% Cold Damage (power not related to TR, not good still)
Rimeheart: 20% Chance to deal 10,000% weapon damage

Rimeheart is an odd ball here. Basically it is 100% chance to deal 2,000% damage (to frozen targets). Is this damage increased by other multipliers such as +Cold Damage Bonus, Skills, Squirt, Set Bonus? Because if it does not, then it is insignificant.

The mechanics on Rimeheart are horrendous! It is a chance to do a big amount of damage on a target that needs to be affected by something that is usually a chance to happen, i.e. 20% chance to freeze. Since WKL can effectively freeze everything, it has a much better chance of proccing and the damage should get buffed by PoJ six piece, Cold %, Squirts but I don’t think any skills besides Assimilation and other generic buffs would affect it.

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After Khord’s explanation, one should understand that Rimeheart’s mechanic is NOT a TR weapon.