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Generally, with what is left of my riddled and broken brain.

Something like this could be easily added as a 4-piece bonus replacement for something like the Might of the Earth set. But, I doubt they will do it.

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The IK set is intended to be a generic set that buff all damage no matter how you play it. Adding a boost to a specific ability would defeat the purpose of the set. Nothing wrong with going in a different direction but I just don’t see this happening.


Im afraid that if it became permanent, it would put HotA in the crosshairs of the nerf gun. The only way to remotely balance it would to put the power on a weapon, so you have to drop echoing fury. This isnt a math-based opinion, but more of a gut feeling.

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I finally got the stuff to make a workable hota build. VERY cool. A little OP thou to keep forever. Im doing 120s almost as fast as my DH.

hmmm, i’m just putting together my lon hota, it seems quite a bit weaker than my dh for farming. Maybe once I get similar quality gear and fully aug’d I’ll feel differently.

I agree,hammer needs buff at least 3 tiers in non season.

I mean, why?

Both IK and LoD HotA are solidly A-tier, and that’s a great place to be. If you bumped them up 3 tiers, they’d be up in S-tier, which would put them on the schedule for getting nerfed after a season or two, almost certainly down to a point weaker than they are now (like Mundunugu, GoD, Inna, Masquerade, etc).

If you’re after short-term glory: go play HotA this season. If you want HotA to be solidly powerful long-term: leave it as-is in non-season.


I would like to see IK spruced up at some point. It’s VERY basic. HOTA is the only build with enough damage mods for it to be A tier. So you are kind of pigeon-holed into using it.

Yeah, IK is kind of caught in a weird place, because of its “buff all skills” setup. That leaves it trapped between all our other sets and LoD/LoN.

So, either it’s better at buffing HotA than LoD, and LoD is kind of useless, or vice versa, and IK is kind of useless. Same goes for Seismic Slam, if compared to MOTE, or Ancient Spear, if compared to Raekor, etc. Either IK is better, in which case, why play the other set? Or, IK is worse, in which case, why play IK?

The devs had an opportunity to resurrect IK6 R4 Vile Charge when they were updating Raekor, which would have been great since VC is a interesting build with a distinct identity and style of play, and you can’t play it with LoD or any of our other sets. But, they chose not to do that, despite it being an extraordinarily easy fix (just increase the Charge buff on R4 from 1000% to 3000 or 4000%).


That ship sailed long ago.

The problem is–brace yourself, though you’re likely already aware–the global multiplier on the IK set.

If–if–the IK set only buffed, say, HOTA, well, it would be really easy to make IK HOTA neck and neck with (or stronger than) LOD HOTA, and what I really mean is that it would be very easy to adjust the set-based build to be stronger than the LOD version via making the set’s global multiplier into a HOTA-only multiplier (while Wrath and CotA are active).

But Blizzard has always been unwilling to reconfigure D3’s general sets (or at least, that’s how it is with Barb), and thus we have the current situation.

I’d like the HotA all directions to stay buuut I’d really SS to be hit in all directions.

I think there is always a chance to make things better (or different, lol).

IK is, or was, much like Akkhan for crusaders. Global modifiers, reduced cooldown for super transform power, etc. It had a very popular build (bombsader) built around it like IK has hota. The route they took with Akkhan obviously didn’t work out very well. Maybe they can learn from those mistakes.

I would love to see IK stay at this power level, but not ruin LoD hota.

What about H90 6P 10000%→15000%?

What about skull grasp now buffs Rend as well? My evil path to being OP.

That actually wouldn’t be enough- Frenzy needs at least 2x the damage it has now to be competitive with HotA.

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Please advise Blizzard to buff H90, thanks.

Please advise Blizzard to buff H90,we like H90,H90 current strength is too low,thanks.

I certainly will if I can. They don’t listen to me very often, though.


I really like the Sanctified powers this season.

If they don’t keep the mechanic, I really hope they add the HotA power to the IK set.