Too many FMOD Freeze deaths this season

This 10 second or so freeze is ridiculous… I never imaged a company as large as Blizzard would allow such poor support for their games. Been playing D3 years, never had any major issues, I work in IT, i’m pretty savvy to figure things out… but after hours researching this issue, the only fix I can find is a bat file to prevent game updating and changing out a DLL file. It would be one thing if that was it… but this prevents any sound for working and sometimes the launcher updates my bogus DLL and I had to constantly be looking out for this. I find this completely unacceptable and have no idea how Blizzard is just ok with such disastrous bug for HC players. I don’t mind dieing when my internet goes out and I don’t mind dieing when i push too high or play like a fool, but this FMOD error/10sec delay or whatever is frustrating as all hell.


Completely agree with you. Been going on for 2 seasons now and no official statement from Blizzard letting us know what they are doing to try and fix the problem.

Also you can make a shortcut to Diablo 3 and by pass the launcher so it won’t try and update your game. Just add to your “target” line the -launch and you will be able to start Diablo 3 without the battlenet app. See below.

“C:\Diablo III\x64\Diablo III64.exe” -launch


Look into your router. I have zero issues now, but a few seasons ago the DC’s came down to a patch and certain routers. Arris routers were the problem before, maybe they screw another router?

Just lost my character because of a random freeze. It happened once before, I had to shut down my computer and it uninstalled all my blizz games. But this second time I wasn’t so lucky. This is a common problem?

I’m unfortunately not at all tech savvy, so these in-depth troubleshooting steps go way over my head. I just started experiencing these frequent 5-10 second in-game freezes this season, and thought it was just me going crazy (or worse, my brand new laptop going bad on me.)

I Just lost a barb while in T16 doing a rift. The screen froze, I noticed the latency indicator was very low, and deep red, and my toon could ‘move’ but the monsters and scenery were still, and for the first time in a very long time, when the screen unfroze, I got the Death screen… SMH… But I have other barbs… so not too bad for me. it IS frustrating though

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after my 6 year hiatus, i am back. yay.

the freeze happened when i was in town. my ping bar was red and i logged out after. i couldn’t risk a major heartbreak after my come back lol.

i hope blizz fixes this

Seriously lame. This game has some outstanding features, but it is about the least hardcore-friendly arpg in existence. I haven’t died from the periodic 10 second freeze yet but this has been happening to me quite a bit this season.

fyi, any time I lag I continue entering commands and playing as if the game was still active, I keep doing stuff and my commands work on the character, but I just can’t see what I’m doing on-screen. That at least procs my cooldowns/def buffs/loh/life per resource spent/etc, plus it keeps me from sitting still on top of a bunch of arcane or whatever.

Gonna post a new thread on this, I went into task manager and turned off all Java update crap and all ios/itunes related stuff and now it’s not freezing anymore. Ran about 4 hours and still good.


I’ve changed audio dll and it worked for me…for some time. But i got freeze again in 5 minutes ago. Ridiculous death!
No sound, but with freezes, nice!
The only good thing is that thoes freezes started in this season for me. There was no such problems before.

dll updated at 13.08.2021. i’ve forgotten to change it again… and there is still no sound O_o

Finally got my monk the other day. Freeze, still hear sound, clan message I’m dead, disconnect window pops up. I didn’t waste a tear on it. I have 6 other classes that can run a 100 right now. Keep rolling!

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They did do a bunch of testing of new updates in several popup PTRs recently to address this. I did 3 of them. FMOD issues went from common/long freezes to almost no issue after multiple iterations of PTR. Hopefully, then can patch/hotfix it with the fix sooner rather than later.

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I think its cute how they say ‘well look into it’ …and it gets worse.

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