TnA is recruiting in NA for s28

We are “The Natural Advantage” and are looking for dedicated legit players for the upcoming season 28 and beyond in the NA region.
We have 140+ members already and have some slots for those that wish to play clean and push the boards with us.
TnA has an active discord and are always willing to help out our members and friends!
*Must have previous seasonal experience.

Look for us in game or discord, and request an invite if you think you’d be a good fit for our team.


Metalhead is a wizard-hating tyrant, but a good guy and a TnA good clan!


Lol, wiz is looking strong this season!
We still have a few spots left for some dedicated players. Apply in game and myself or one of our officers can welcome you to TnA.

Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the potential fly :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I be recruited again, my Lord Metalhead? :wink:

Yup no problem buddy. You stoked for s28?

Hmm. Im stoked for the lore reveal. Not impressed with the patch changes, other than the theme.

Im stoked for the 1-70 shakeup possibly, and grabbing the cosmetic wings.
Then there is hanging out w the team on the way, always love season starts.
We had over 50% of TnA start last season, it was intense!

Hello! I’m looking for a clan, I’m playing the current season ( paragon 1420 ish ) and definitely playing next season too. I’m more of a casual player but I’d like to have a group of people to hangout with on discord while playing. I tend to go with DH or Barb typically. If I’m what you’re after here is my battle tag. Leinad#12661


Leinad, We’d love to have you on board. Please apply on our clan page in game and we’ll get you in a group for season start!

Hi! I’m interested in the clan because it seems to have a lot of activity. Being completely honest, I’d be able to play 24hrs during weekends and maybe a couple of hours during the week (you know, work).
I hope you consider my will to join.
Edit: I think I should mention I’m not the most “knowledged” players, but I’m more than happy to learn if you guys give me the chance.

Absolutely! Drop a request in game. Nothing wrong with a weekend warrior.

still looking for members?

Yes, We are looking for players with previous seasonal experience, and that also want to join us in D4.

yo, im interested. sent you a friend request on Bnet

One of my D3 officers should accept your invite if you fit our requirements.
Most of us transitioned to D4 FYI.