Tinny echo sound

EDIT: I figured out the problem is my Xbox wireless headset and the Windows Sonic codec it uses. If I change my audio output to regular stereo, or if I set my headset to mono only, this apparently “resolves,” the issue. Unfortunately, I will probably have to wait for a fix from Microsoft for a true fix…

Original Post:

On Xbox Series X, the sound in Diablo 3 is sort of echoing and tinny. It affects the entire game, from start up, to the menus, to in-game.

Diablo 3 is the only game on my system with this issue. I’m on Series X with the latest version of everything installed, including my headset’s firmware.

I’ll try to remember to test this on my Xbox when I am back from work, to confirm if this is indeed a bug with the client, and not something on your end.

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Thank you sir


There are no sound issues whatsoever on my Xbox Series X in Diablo 3.

Thanks for checking. I will try to troubleshoot.

Edit: Figured out the problem is my headset / the Windows Sonic codec. Will update the OP w/ details.