Thoughts on visions

I really like taking the visions of emnity and the idea of these portal are cool. I haven’t played them that much, but it feels like they risk being “out-efficienied” for the more dedicated players. Is running around looking for a portal really that much more efficient than normal rifts? If so, i think it feels a little bad to have to run around looking for them waiting for them to spawn (luckily they seem to spawn pretty often but still). Maybe have some special enemies that guarantee that they spawn or something. Are they just meant to be a more interesting way to earn bounty mats? Fine i guess, feels weird to just phase out content lake that, and makes it feel a little less exciting. Maybe add a way to earn a bonus chest, or an optional bonus boss to earn more loot or something? There could also be a special vendor or something.
Overall i really like it as content, i would just like it to be a little clearer as to what I’m supposed to be using it for, and i would like it to feel super rewarding as this might be waving goodbye to D3, by making it either super consistent, efficient content for late game, or super cool and rewarding.
As a side note, i got one super early, maybe my build was bad, maybe i just got the resource succ (which i have made a separate post about discussing how it sucks), but it felt super difficult and i had to give up

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Without having a build defining power the fissures are terrible. Playing necro, once I got a good legendary and skeles it turned face roll and got to the end chest. It’s weird scaling where it’s binary, you either die or blow everything up.

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I plan to play SSF, I’m pretty sure when doing bounty runs (if the spawnrate stays the same) I will encounter at least 20 Fissures during a full run.
Not planning to “chase” them.
However it would be great when you finish them that you get ported to the point of original Fissure entrance, not closest town, as it “messes up” the bounty run additionally.
And yes, I will have to run bounties to craft Guardians/Crimson/Aughild, and for recipes, as well. All the mats from the Fissures will be a great addition though.


I agree that fissures while leveling are quite difficult - they become rather trivial once maxed and geared, but better scaling at lower levels would be a plus. While dying over and over isn’t really that big a deal, it’s not particularly fun, either!

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The first fissure I had felt endless - it opened at least 30 portals (probably played for more than 30 minutes, returned several times to town to dismantle) - I wondered even if it is bugged or if it will ever end at all… Got really boring after a certain point… I guess there should be a limit on the max portals it could open before reaching the goblin?

Most of the recipes dropped for me in the fissures. If we can get bounty specific legendaries as well then we can skip bounties altogether. I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet though.

Bounty-specific items like RROG and Gloves of Worship would be great. Maybe keep the Act specificity of where the fissure opens to help focus farming in early game.

I got a RoRG in a fissure the other day.

Nice! (And yeah, I meant RoRG)

I tried leveling in fissues on PTR and found it takes me much longer because I love getting and going over the extra loot at low levels, for some reason. Didn’t mind the extended time though. It was fun.