Those new to playing BETA and having GPU heat issues

First off, welcome to the BETA.

If you are running nVidia graphic cards and having high usage/heat issues while playing, here are some suggestions for helping the issue till a better solution is provided:

  • Close the game and the bnet app.

  • Right-click your desktop, go to the “NVIDIA Control Panel”, left-click that, wait a couple seconds, it will open.

  • If for some strange reason you don’t have this, you will need the download the latest nvidia driver for your model of card here:

  • Once there, click on “Manage 3D settings” in the left column. Then on the right, click the tab labeled “Program Settings”.

  • Once here, click the “Add” button, then browse to the folder where “Diablo II Resurrected Beta” is located. (default location is C:\Program Filesx86) In here find the file “Game.exe” and click “Open”.

  • It should put you back to the “Program Settings” page.

  • Once you see “Game.exe” in the box, scroll down, look for “Max Frame Rate” - Set this to 60 FPS to start. (easier to just type in 60) You can change this higher or lower and see how it affects your particular setup.

  • Scroll down farther and look for “Vertical sync”. Set this to “On”. *note this may not matter to some setups, but you can toggle it off or on here, rather than in-game in case the in-game setting is not helping

  • Then click “Apply” at the bottom right of the page, give it a couple seconds, then it will be done. Close the page and start your game back up.

Here are some pictures of the settings:!AjIesNsEIx40xTCPnp5mk2N5AYuF?e=qYKcEQ

You can also try changing the scaling of your game, lowering quality settings, etc. All of this depends on what card you have. Those with higher end cards like 2070+ 3070+ etc., may not need to be as aggressive as those with say 1050s or 1650s, etc.

This is not something that should be accepted as a proper solution. This is a remedy till Blizzard comes up with a better solution. However I agree that there should be better optimization so that player’s video cards don’t overheat and cause issues in their systems.

Those with AMD cards should have similar options to configure, sorry that I’m not as familiar with their software. Anyone is welcome to add a step-by-step for that software if they like.

Thanks and hopefully it helps.


Even with vsync or a fps cap the game is still extremely demanding it really shouldn’t stress the hardware like that if the engine was capable and it’s running on adequate hardware period.

I don’t even know why it’s using the GPU like this there is absolutely nothing special going on it’s really not well optimized.

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I agree. But the above suggestions at least help. Some it may not help much, others it helps a lot. Everyone has different hardware setups. Lower end cards, higher end cards, fan cooled, liquid cooled, etc…

Hey Y’all,

We already have a thread tracking this issue. To centralize reports, please post at the thread below if you are having issues. Thanks for the reminder for new players to the beta nonetheless, DTMAce.