This is why we can't have nice things

Can’t people just enjoy this game for what it is?

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Yes, please.


Yes this is why we can’t have nice things because some people are against change because “change bad”. What a nice state the world would be if you were actually not the minority.
Lucky devs I guess, minimum work for full price.

But you can have it anyways, D2 Refunded.

Anyone who cant respect the work put into the D2:R likely never worked a day in their life.

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Which patch 1.06, 1.09, 1.10, or 1.14?

See the Ship of Theseus.
Ship of Theseus - Wikipedia

Sounds like something useless PhDs would discuss, mean while, in the real world, the MDs are getting things done.

I bet you are right that this would be a conversation that a PhD might have or at least someone who watched Wandavision or both. If it were not for the PhDs, the MDs would have a much smaller arsenal of drugs to use, since they are the one typically responsible for the major discoveries in biology in the modern era.

MDs are often avid readers. I bet some know this too. :0

Seriously though, the real work occurs in the making of the original ship, the sailing of the ship, repairs of the ship over time, even when the old parts are move to a museum then put back to together requires real work, but the thinking about whether the ship is the original ship or not is the job of people who don’t do real work, yet get fed a kings wage.

Don’t ever take me for stupid when it comes to medical science and the poison PhDs produce for profit while pretending it’s medicine.

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Whatever your preferred patch is. Classic 1.0 patch even.

Put it away, its the same argument as the subjective vs objective interpretation.

OP is feces, yes?

ergo thread is feces. Yes?

OR they apply basic thinking.

Amount put into a paint != quality of that paint. A 1000 hours bad paint is still a bad paint.

Consumers care about end product to consume.
And what is the end product of those Devs’ hard work? Let’s see:

  • QoL changes that exists for a decade now, made by individuals who don’t have access to any assets but reversed engineered them themselves - arguably done it better than in D2R as well.
  • “Modern BNET” again private servers were performing better for me personally.
  • Modern experience but not so modern, because they can’t fix programming for wide res.
  • Missing/removed content, and added bugs. Not to mention flawed game design choices such as that trade window and how that trade window scam can even happen.
  • Now we got limitations too! Character limits, for example.
  • Should we get started on the console experience? Let’s not. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • New graphics and animations. Yep, but that’s it.

So they are literally asking full price for this package of new graphics, missing content, added bugs and limitations. They are not even including D2LoD with it (even though they are asking people to stick with that version for modding).

This should not be full price at all, this should be $10 tops DLC for D2LoD owners. Do you realize what that price tag could get you in Steam? Did gamers really set the standards that low in terms of price?

Oh yeah forgot to mention: we ignored I meant monitored all your feedback!

Wise of you not to @me after our last, ehm, interaction. :wink:

Thank god I’m not broke and need to post a long list of useless information pretending otherwise.

I didn’t expect anything more intelligent from your side, so I am not disappointed.

Little brain power tells you it’s not about the money. Jesus Christ I just wrote how I am spending that money on Steam. It’s painful read more than 2 lines and THINK a little sometimes!! :confounded:

Now imagine not having the courage to reply directly to someone, and resort to using sublims on an Internet forum boards, please don’t hurt me with your words I mean I am ignoring you but I will gently un-directly reply to your posts!!! (lol).

But it’s okay my little low-standards gamer friend, can’t blame you from my last interaction with you, facts and little brain usage hurts donnit. Like before, you ignored those facts too and resorted to poor ad hominem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like I said, glad you are the vast minority in this world. Can’t wait for sales reveal day but hey it’s because we are broke. :joy:

Edit: Oh yeah, let me not get into that sad PhD vs MD talk, damn… :astonished:

do u mean u think LoD is not part of d2r?

I think he’s cry about not getting a copy of the current game with the remaster.

Good riddance. Very selfish and entitled of you to demand changes in a remaster. It’s not a new game being made, it’s just diablo 2 being remastered.

Shame on you.

May the good lord curse your soul for eternity you dirty changist peasant, how dare you ask for changes for an outdated broken stale game?!
Curse you, shame on you, feel ashamed NOW!

Enjoy your mummified dead game that will last not longer than a resurrected act 1 normal Fallen.

Wish you rotten brained people would stop @ing me.

You should box clever, you might even like it.

Yes, the dead game that will die again despite the fact more people play it than D3 still to this day after 20 years.

You’re delusional and the fantasy world you live in doesn’t exist.

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