This buggiest ptr yet

My 4th slot dissapears all the time. The weekly challenge has been grayed out the whole time so i cant get the mats for my journey

I finished chapter one and yet never got the reward for it

etc. etc. etc.

no season play i still havnt noticed ANY difference on ivory tower in big packs when playing lazy sader it dosnt attack any quicker or do any more dmg.

I know you all are working really hard but from the looks of this LOTS of bugs need fixed before launch

I would have loved to have really tested this ptr because the cube changes interested me but nothing has worked right yet

The 4th cube slot was disabled today for testing: PTR 2.6.10 Testing Extended

There are never any Challenge Rifts on PTR, but there are experience bonuses, and bags of loot you can buy with Bloodshards from the PTR vendor (large goat in town) to help you progress.


I’m sorry to say that nothing you have posted is really a bug. The PTR Blogs always state:

During this time there may be periodic maintenances, outages, hotfixes, or minor patches.

However, if you’re experiencing problems starting a PTR game or you have extreme latency issues you should report it.

To add to this: In PTR you can

  • Create a Seasonal Character.
  • Get 300% boost to XP earned.
  • Get 2000% chance for Legendary items to drop.
  • Get double Blood Shards.
  • And, as TrepChains said, buy all the items you need from Djank Mi’em (PTR Vendor) for 50 Blood Shards per Pack.

Good luck and good hunting (testing)!  


Not a bug either… there is no reward for completing Chapter I, whether on the PTR or on the live version.