Thinking about quitting D3

Today when entering the character rebirthing screen, a memory from university days, bubbling up, itself looping back from 10 years before. Somehow I’d flattened the experience and bridged the gap between a version of me sat on the floor of a campus bedroom playing D3 season 20, and many years later me watching a philosophical police procedural in my London home. The two memories fused into a Mobius Strip. Images and sounds and ideas bubbling up from the unconscious, transporting me somewhere else, to be someone else, or to be an older version of ourselves again.

Who says time travel isn’t possible. The same things happen, in the same order. It’s an idea that leaves us trapped going around and around. But if we’re the characters, there are also watchers. This is the idea of reincarnation, but with the soul and body intact, reincarnated together as the same person again, doomed to repeat their lives the same way.

Nietzsche once asked, if there’s no God, no afterlife, and no soul to be reincarnated nothing otherworldly and no beyond of any kind to believe or trust in, then what would it mean for life to recur on repeat?

Someone once told me, “D3 seasons is a flat circle.” Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again. Sure you can rebirth a character, but into the same season that you’ve always been rebirthed into. I never understood what they meant until today.

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I say this as a friend: 4/20 isn’t for another 4 days.


This would make it the what, 15th time you’ve quit?


This time he’s only thinking about it :slightly_smiling_face:


What was the point of that wall of text?

Damn I was thinking that season was so boring so Bravata already quit for real. :joy:

So, exactly like all the other times then?
You know, because he didn’t actually do it any of those times either.


that’s deep brah



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I actually have fun starting over again. The race to fill up the season journey and altar. But with nothing new coming, I don’t play as much anymore.

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Did we all just witness one of Dr Who’s manifestations?

Did miss a coma somewhere?

I’m pretty sure season 20 hasn’t ten years…

As for your opening post. If haven’t got the enthusiasm for a new start, just take a break and do something different. Nothing wrong with that.


I suspect this post was (re)birthed using substances beyond sugar and cinnamon.
Also missed the opportunity to weave in some necromancer reference.

(I resonated with the first paragraph, but then not as much.)


I personally like Bravata. You all just don’t get his sarcasm and his obvious attempt to get under your skin.

Actually, this forum is so dead I’m not sure we can stand losing 6+ more posters, since we all know he has that many or more accounts under different names. :joy:


I agree with you. He’s entertaining, for the most part.

And this forum is practically down to about 6 active posters. The remaining ones after that are just the alts of the sock patrol. :joy:

Regardless, I’m fine with all kinds of threads being opened. It keeps this place going and not just an empty void.


Please don’t, D3 needs you and your 500 IQ takes.


Just thinking about quitting??? You are losing your touch. You need to commit. You will lose your title as the quittiest quitter of all time unless you put in maximum effort. I was concerned because I haven’t seen a Bravata “I quit” thread in a long time. Now I see my concerns were warranted.

Please don’t be Tiger Woods and only be a shell of your former self. Make us all proud and get your quit on.


This season is such a bore, you might as well quit.

I don’t even have the motivation to complete the 4 chapters for the free set, and others have already cleared 150 :rofl:

Quitting the rest of the actiblizz and pretty much every other triple A game is probably not a bad idea either.


Thinking about quitting D3

How many times has it been now, you are the gift that keeps on giving. The quitter strikes yet again. :clown_face:

This is for you :point_right: :pizza: :beers:


NOOOO! You can’t quit on us! What’s a circus without the :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: ?


Well at least he did not do the moronic “S31 Bad.”