Things That Are NOT Bugs

What a waste of mats. RiP.

100 rerolls is a pretty small sample size. I’ve gotten 2 primals nearly back to back along with a long streak of none. The 1 in 400 averages over many many many thousands of chances. Also don’t take meteor’s numbers into to much context either. Its still based on the average. Just because you didn’t get a primal in 1000 legendaries doesn’t mean your primal chance is very high. It is still the same 1 in 400 on the next drop.

And unless you are basically geared fully in near perfect ancient’s on all gear pieces, reforging for a primal is a waste of mats. If your doing it right, if your targeting primals, they will be very minor upgrades.

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Hello Dragonmaster,
I found that with #2 that I had a “6 set bonus” with the aid of Royal Ring of Grander with a Monk - solo with the Thunder gear (… proper name eludes me), finished the Lvl 55 GR and it did not log the achievement, activate the icon that pops up to say you got the achievement, or “check the box”. It was the last achievement I needed to complete the last chapter - Guardian, and get the cool wings… This was about 30 minutes ago. So, the wings I was working toward are hosed… Can anything be done?

Well seeing how the season has ended, your character is no longer seasonal. Grated since your post was 12 hours ago i think the season was still going on. Was this your 6th set to finish GR55. If it was not then the conquest wouldn’t have fired and with the delay in the achievement window, it might not have checked off. But it was still counted and once you did 6 different sets at GR55, you would of got the conquest.

I was somewhat down to the wire. I was doing the last - I had done the four barb sets at GR55 and this was the second monk set for six armor sets - about 1/2 way through the run (a long slog) and I saw a system timer pop up saying the season was going to end in 25 or 30 minutes. I finished my run (6 item bonus active and I killed the GR 55 Rift Boss solo) with about 15 minutes to spare. Nothing popped up saying I had completed the achievement… the achievement box was not checked. The Years of War conquest didn’t trigger as completed. In the spare time I had left I logged in with my Barbarian, who I started the season with, to see if the that would trigger the achievement… no dice. I have not logged into the game since then. The achievement is : reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the full bonuses of six class sets… Is there something I’m / was missing?

Whilst it says “reach” GR55 you actually have to beat each of them before the 15 minute timer runs out. Did you actually beat all six of the GR55s inside the time limit?

“Reach”… grr… That must have been it. The other (5) armors set were definitely less than 15 minutes. The Monk set I used made for a long slog and I died 6-8 times… that must be it. The achievement should ditch the word “reach” and say “before the timer” runs out. Had it said that, I might have been able to do another run before the season shut down… sigh :frowning:

We tried… you have no idea how often we tried to suggest that new wording… in French, we got them to change the word “reach” for the word “complete”… but we couldn’t get them to add the bit about completing the rift before the timer was up.

I don’t know what it will take…

Perhaps there just isn’t enough room to cram it all in… especially on consoles.

All they need to do is change the word “reach” to “complete”. I believe 3 extra letters would fit. Not sure about the console version. (And I’m referring to the English version).

Dear administration. Seth Crimson does not give an increase in damage. It gives resistance to damage, it does not. He conducted several tests and did not observe the declared% damage.
Thanks for attention.

Please read:

If you are trying to report a game bug, please start your own thread.

This thread is to let players know what IS NOT a bug, before they post their report.

Thank you.

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Added 15 which is regarding legendary power changes after patches.

regarding 14):

ranged/melee reduction is also reflected in your toughness /nitpicking

Je n’arrive pas à redémarrer le jeu depuis la mise à jour. Le fichier s’ouvre sur celui de windows.
ET quand je redémarre le fichier depuis le programme de base du raccourci, le jeu se relance depuis le début avec un seul personnage au niveau 1 alors que j’étais au niveau 650 de parangon.
Avez-vous une solution ?

  • J’étais au niveau 650 de parangon mais je me retrouve avec un personnage de début de jeu.