The very real possibility of a BNet shutdown?

I think we need to consider what would happen if/ when Blizzard decides that they’ve had enough with funding and supporting the continuation of Battle Net.

Like, would it push players to bite the bullet to get D2:R even if it’s just to play in classic mode, or will those players simply leave?

I mean… with the jump to the new Blizzard launcher, it might stop botters, scripts and mods from being used, so there is that… but would people pay the cash to continue playing the game if Battle Net suddenly (or not so suddenly), shut down?

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Patch 1.14 sort of ruined dueling on East, especially after the ban waves from 2017-2018. D2R seems to be the greatest joke of an attempt at preserving what dueling used to be like. There is free public access to private servers for duels. The only reason folks will still play bnet is for the nostalgia and to use their godly old characters. At that point, folks might stop botting as much as what there is now and move on? Probs not idk. Regardless, servers might one day shut down. Til then, I’ll be there.

There are private servers with thriving communities. Not the answer you’re looking for, but just a bug in your ear if the worse does happen.

Didn’t they shut down access to old WC3 online with the WC3 Reforged? D2 disc owners may become limited to single player and TCP/IP. I don’t know man. I think you have very valid concerns. Though it costs very little to host D2 on a server, and just leave it there on life support. I hope they do life support instead.

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The only reason I don’t think they are fixing the issue is because it’s bigger than we understand. It seems to of started around the time they shut down the classic games division. And the only people they have to work on it are people who are hard a work keeping the D2:R deadline. Nothing is more important than that, right now.

I believe after D2:R is launched and running smooth, they will fix legacy bnet. I do not think they will shut it down. D1 is also still played on it, and it would be in their best interest to make it so War3 is till playable on it. They’ll fix the servers when they can. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they one day sold the rights to legacy bnet and D2 vanilla to GoGs.

A shutdown of the old BNet must surely be inevitable - I mean, it’s been 20 years and then some, so it had a great run.

Think when D2 came out, it would have been, I reckon, quite unrealistic to expect support for another two decades, so it would not surprise me at all if old Bnet’s days are numbered.