The ultimate paragon lvl cap solution

A change worth implementing in the future.
The solution would be to add categories to the leaderboard (similar to how there is a weight division in boxing).
It offers three categories:
1.Casual gamer - below 1200lvl paragon.
2.Hardcore gamer - below 2500lvl paragon
3.Professional gamer - openlvl paragon.
In addition, i proposes 300 points to be divided into individual statistics (total 1200).

The important part is, that it Accounts for assigned Paragon, not total paragon you have.

Otherwise you could be “in between” and have no valid shot at the leaderboards.
E g. You hit 1300P while gearing up, if it counts total Paragon you can’t compete in the lower class, however to have a shot at high ranks you’d now have to keep leveling till the cap of the next class

I barely ever hit over 600 paragon in a season, and am not a casual gamer.

Time played != how casual or hardcore you are.

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  • ThanatosVI

Yes Yes. I think it’s obvious. Even players with more lvl paragon can compete at lower paragon. They would have to use fewer paragon points when making a great rift. The system would automatically recognize the number of points awarded and assign it to a given class of play in the leaderboard (similar to different sets).

  • BehindTimes

What I wrote is just a suggestion. The idea is to create a division in the leaderboard due to the number of Paragon points. Of course, there may also be room on the scoreboards for players who do not use Paragon points. My loose proposal
(1)Non Paragon (2)max1200 points (3) max2500 (4)open.
It is also important not to overdo it with the number of divisions.

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you should rename nr.3 into “botters welcome” instead of PrOfEsSiOnAl GaMeR…

The issue with a paragon cap is that not everyone plays the game for the same reason. This is often lost on players, as you can see, particularly in feedback forums/threads, as you’ll see people often claiming about how the majority want one thing or another. The reality is that the vast majority don’t care, nor would a paragon cap even affect them. This whole paragon cap maybe affecting like 5% of the entire player base, with different factions in that 5%.

If you primarily play to push, more paragon obviously is better. If you’re competitive and focused on leaderboards, paragon shouldn’t matter. A leaderboard is a leaderboard regardless if you have 10000 paragon or 0 paragon. But this also leads into a situation of time played. If you’re after pure skill, fewer paragon is better. Paragon itself is more of a crutch to offset skill. Realistically, you’d switch your titles, in that Professional Gamer would actually have the least Paragon, while Casual gamer has the most Paragon.

The bottom line is there is no such thing as an ultimate solution, because people do play for different reasons. It’s like politics. You’re going to have people in different camps who will never agree with each other, and there really is no such thing as a middle ground which can get people to unite. The only way you can get a good compromise is to make everyone equally miserable and upset by catering to none of them. But that itself is not a good solution in video games.

This all comes down to the question of how many leaderboards do you want. It really isn’t a healthy solution to have an everybody gets a trophy (or in this case, leaderboard). You need to group people into categories, and this will mean that most people in the group will have a certain amount of displeasure, as no one will be perfectly catered too. Also, you really can’t have people in different groups mixing, as this would lead to exploits.

For me personally, I feel the best solution would be to have an optional cap, but you can only place on the leaderboards if you play with a cap. That is, a SSF and Group with a cap, and a Group mode without a cap, but this group will have no leaderboard (though you can still see how high you cleared.)

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I think I know what you mean. I largely agree with you. Let me explain just some of the differences.
The first case – exemplary categories
I agree it’s unnecessary and labeling players with more than 2500 as pros is inappropriate. As I wrote in the next message it should be:(1)Non Paragon (2)max1200 points (3) max2500 (4)open.
The second case - reference to your general thoughts
Of course there will always be dissatisfied people. And it’s important to have as few of them as possible. So your goal should be to make the game enjoyable for as many people as possible. This should be your basic assumption if you are making changes.

The next step is to ask what makes people happy and answer it yourself.
In the context of what we’re talking about, the answer is that people are happy when they have a purpose. And what could be a good goal for them? The answer is simple and it is leaderboards.

And now we come to the essential question that you partly asked me. What should the leaderboard look like? I do not focus on the interface and the display of individual results on the scoreboard(it is also important to answer this question). I will focus on the main issue you have also raised. This all comes down to the question of how many leaderboards do you want

I agree with what you said: It really isn’t a healthy solution to have an everybody gets a trophy (or in this case, leaderboard). On the other hand, leaderboards should cover as many concepts, playstyles and levels as possible. They should group them and give niche players (1%) the opportunity to compete. Below I will answer the question of how many rankings and what are in my opinion important and worth having in the final version of the leaderboards.

  1. Separate leaderboards for Hardcore & Softcore players.
  2. Separate leaderboards for Solo and Group players.
  3. Separate leaderboards for all classes (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, or Wizard)
  4. Separate leaderboards for all set and bulid (a lot of writing but we think we know what it’s about)
  5. Separate leaderboards for amount of points paragon( 0,max1200 ,max2500,non limit)
    This is what a basic scoreboard should look like in my opinion. The most important criterion will be when the rift is completed for the first time. Thus, those who first complete a given lvl Greater Rift would be the highest in the ranking.In addition, it would be important in my opinion that the Greater Rift had no limit. And if he were to be at 150 as he is now, that limit should be impossible to reach.In my opinion, Blizzard should go back to its main premise in this matter. For players to fight for the highest level of the Greater Rift. In this type of games, the most important thing is not reaching the destination, but the journey itself. And so along the way, the player will achieve some goals and it will be visible on the scoreboard.
    And that’s what I mean by the ultimate leaderboard.

Since I wrote so much, I will describe you an additional leaderboard that should also be available. I think it’s less prestigious (but that’s just my opinion), but there would also be a lot of players who would take advantage of it and compete for the best results. The leaderboard would display the best running times for each Greater Rift(e.g. top 100 runs for each level Greater Rift separately). There would also be separate categories in this leaderboard.

Finally, I would add a few more cosmic changes. For example, a common scoreboard for all continents (of course it would be a matter of choice if we want to display results only from our region or compare with others). There are a few more nuances, but I won’t go into detail.

If Blizzard wants to someday, I can help improve the game and increase the number of players. For now, if he introduces the division into lvl paragon in the leaderboards, it will be a big improvement.

I encourage constructive comments.

You wrote a lot (most players don’t understand this). I worked as a game design advisor.
I think your concept is very good. But I propose to be realistic.

Diablo 4 is now available. Diablo 3 is coming to an end. Nobody cares about such an improvement in the game. The only possibility for better changes would be another paid version of D3.

I think you have a good feeling about improving the game. If Blizzard Entertainment had more employees like this, the game would definitely be a lot better. Regards

They could make an interface where you would generate a leaderboard based on selectable filters (min-max paragon level, class, set, ssf, hardcore, time played, number of players, class of each player, etc.). Basically, a SQL query to create a table.

That would solve the leaderboards issue as each player would be able to generate one that was meaningful to them and would be able to compete in it.