The Tall Man's Finger useless

Why is this item not buffed already and is left useless for countless seasons.

It increases damage of dogs by 60% WOW. Such incredible increase.

  • One Gargantuan deals same damage as 4 dogs combined. YET, Short Man’s Finger Increases our Gargantuan damage by 1950% (and it still medicore) By splitting ONE into THREE with 650% bonus damage to each.

  • So why Dogs get ring that increase their already much lower damage by only 60% ? And on top of that it Unifies them in ONE pet which is also kind of Downside. Who makes up this items without testing and playing the class ?

There’s a hidden buff in there. Tall Man’s Finger gives something like 8*the number of dogs in the big dog buff. So it’s 2400% for a 3-dog dog, 3200% for a 4-dog dog, 4000% for a 5-dog dog, and 4800% for a 6-dog dog.

The damage between the two is actually closer than you might think. The real problem is the lack of AoE with dogs. Burning Dogs helps, but the burning aura doesn’t really deal enough damage.

For example, take a look at this build from D3planner. I have this set up as a fun build I run sometimes. Normally I have garg damage and cold damage (even with a big dog, it’s still better to focus on garg damage), but I removed them from the d3planner, so the comparison is on equal footing. You can see the dog DPS (1.4T DPS), while lower than the garg dps (2.1T DPS), isn’t THAT far behind. And that’s actually for a 5-dog dog, if you make it a 6-dog the gap is closer (but it’s not really worth it, you can generally get more damage from a 5-dog plus a different DPS passive than a 6-dog dog).

The problem is more a lack of AoE than straight damage. Plus the fact that you have to take 3 passives to really max out dog damage. Gargs only need one (Midnight Feast), and the rest can be generic buffs. Gargs are still better, but the problem isn’t the multiplier from Tall Man’s Finger. It’s better than you think. The problem is gargs just have a way better rune, with high base damage and AoE, and don’t need a bunch of extra passives to max out their damage.

EDIT: Forgot to include the d3planner link! Diablo 3 Build Guides, Tierlists, D3Planner -


The problem for me is that the best use for dogs is for increased survivabilty and sustain with leech or life link. That works better with more dogs, not just one big dog. I’ve never used dogs for pure damage. They are nice meat shields, though.


I am glad there is a Bug and that real increase is around 800%. But that is too low still.
Because it is 800% increase While for Gargantuan we have 1950% increase.
And on top of that Gargantuan has already more weapon damage than all 4 dogs combined and Splash.

And as @DonMartin said multiple dogs benefit us much more because of Life-Per-Hit etc…

They are 2x weaker than Gargantuan. WD really lacks PET damage and builds that utilise Pet damage only. When you say think Zunimasa you think Carnival and Poison darts as that is the ONLY viable build for it.
Have 15 fetishes and stand in middle of danger with much less Damage mitigation options that EVERY other class viable builds, and shoot your darts. Not fun, not intresting.

We deserve A build like sorcerer got. To spam our Fetishes and Dogs and Gargantuans and Run around with an army , buff them with Big Bad Voodo and have fun.
Why does EVERY WD build has to be SO CLUNKY, and UNSATISFYING to play ?

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Wizards would like a word with you. :wink:

I find Mundungo’s set to be quite smooth, powerful and satisfying to play. It’s actually one of my favorites in the game right now. Zuni isn’t so bad for speeds if you go strictly pets instead of darts - it can be fun. Jade is hit or miss for me. I agree with you that it can feel clunky.

I found a fun sacrifice build for this ring with LoD, swamp land waders, Homunculus and ring of emptiness. TMF triples sacrifice dmg with one shot. But it’s slow and barely does GR90

The only clunky thing in Mundugo is the interaction with Locust Swarm. Would be cool if Wormwood would emanate … at least for Solo that would free up a slot for Horrify or something.

Sidenote: I wish, I could open doors with a Garg build :-/ Those idiots are destoying all and everything - but doors. Jepp. Those doors.

I really like Splinters, but it’s way to squishy for my low paragon.

I’m on my way to a helltooth garg build, slow and steady. I know it’s a weak build but i just love pet builds.