The Rogue is back!

Lets be frank. D4 rogue is just a D3 DemonHunter reskin.


So far, I am loving the Rogue. Druid is last on my list right now, but all the characters look good.

They needed a ranged non magic based type person, and I think this is a great mix of Rogue, Amazon, Demon Hunter in a tidy package with a cool trailer. They look cool and I have always loved a very nimble class like that in action RPGs. Lots of the videos and interviews surrounding Diablo IV (and D2R) are pointing to great things. I am hearing devs say all the right things that gives me confidence.


Time to grind some Gold? Maybe a hint.

There are parallels because it’s the same archetype but I’m not seeing the demon hunter here aside from a few similar spells like raining arrows and a quick dash. This seems like an evolution of the amazon with the agility of the assassin.

I don’t know, I think a Rogue fits the tone and type of game they’re trying to make.


I was hoping for an Amazon with javelins, but I suppose this will suffice. Glad I can play a javazon in D2R though.


Lets be frank. D4 rogue is just a D3 DemonHunter reskin.

There is definitely a likeness Demon Hunter players will notice when they play a Rogue, but players will also notice some of their favorite tricks from the Assassin as well. The Rogue is swift and deadly, with unparalleled versatility. Super satisfying gameplay.


Yeah the char does looks smooth :slight_smile: . But once a Barbarian Always a Barbarian :slight_smile:


Could the blues post something to show the skills and talents?


Goood job, just give us Paladin next for D4 and am sold


I’m still not happy with the concept of how they generally run bow skills in Diablo games. The Rogue, like the Demon hunter, and the Amazon, (and Rogue in D1) is basically a bow class with a bit of melee thrown in to make it feel more diversified. But as shown in the sneak peek stuff, and in game on the other classes, we still have this ridiculous concept of pointblank bow shots. It’s not a gun it’s bow.

I would have been far more satisfied had they took this concept and switched it up, breaking the mold and making it more realistic, in that all classes have bow skills that you can switch to when something is out of melee or caster range. This eliminates the need for a specialized classes dedicated to something silly. Game play of every bow character in most ARPG’s always ends up resorting to fights that are point blank range with a bow (usually anything that can’t be one shoted).

How much better would it have been if each class could use a bow and have a couple of bow skills. Then we don’t need a specific class where most skills are dedicated to it. We all know that there will only end up being 2 or 3 solid bow skills at best spammed on this character, with the rest being unused filler crap.

Why not just give bow skills to the other classes and they can be more focused on that classes core abilities. Those skills can switch to the bow when they are in proper range and aren’t functional when too close.

This could also free up another campfire class. As it is either the Necro or some sort of Holy Warrior will now not make the cut, (I’m guessing the necro is out) and that’s going to be a major disappointment to a lot of fans, just for the sake of making sure the silly pointblank bow class is in the game.

Now, if the rogue was played in a way that there was a minimum range required to use the bow skills and they focused a lot more on things like stealth and traps, that actually didn’t suck, then maybe we’d be on to something. However the game footage already showed that it’s not going to be the case. When I first saw the dismount bow shot I was like cool. Then I saw the typical point blank range multishot crap with the bow and facepalmed. I understand it’s just like stupid generic fantasy lore, but it’s never sit well with me and here we go again with more silliness.

I don’t know how I feel about Rogues using Swords but not a big deal.

It was a turn off. Rogue wasn’t fun in D1. Amazon was SUPER FUN in d2. Demon Hunter wasn’t fun in D3. They merged Rogue with DH. Gross.

Dashing around with daggers and making it rain arrows? Doesn’t seem very stealthy. Also it looked like a lot of “spam aoe” type spells. The reason DH is boring in D3 is there is very little aim, or need for accuracy. If you are going to create a ranged bow class, make sure aim is part of it.


Actually almost everything she has DH has as well, so I don’t understand why they said it is “rogue” but not “demon hunter”. Probably just to evoke the nostalgia. All shown would fit “new D4 Demon Hunter” much more.

Yeah, aim was huge part of D2 Amazon kappa.

They showed very little from the Rogue. If you don’t enjoy the rain skill, just don’t play with it on your Rogue. There will be endless possibilities for customizing builds in D4.

Ah, I heard exactly the same back in 2011 about Diablo 3… )

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And it turned out to be true. D3 offers much build diversity on the non-meta spectrum.

If the rain skill happens to be meta in some of D4 Seasons then the haters have to hope there would be legendary items in D4 constraining the rain effect to a single point, so they could aim with it.

Nothing wrong with the class but i do miss a class and certain weapon types like javalins and spears. Not many arpg use those types and i really would like D4 to use some weapon types not used by many :+1:




So many no one played ) When people talk about “build diversity” they always mean playable effective builds, not fun builds which can be crazy but too slow, too fragile, etc etc.

So far D4 gameplay is exactly D3 gameplay and it won’t change, so we can expect same build diversity as D3 had back in 2012. At least on start. The only thing Im hoping for is that D4 will avoid terrible CC effects that keep all monsters permanently piled and stunned which is a D3 plague for a long long time. They should be extremely careful with that.

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Not that I agree with either, but if it were true that D4 plays like D3, that in no way relates to build diversity. I’m not getting a D3 vibe from any of the characters and this is coming from a hardcore D2 fan. So far I’m mostly impressed. Do I like the machine gun bow up close? No. Do I like all of the cooldowns? Absolutely not, I can see the issues from a mile away. The thing is, not everyone is going to like everything about every character or mechanic. Overall the game looks fun and true to the feel of Diablo.