The PTR Buffs are not active

Im not seeing the PTR buff appear on screen and its clearly not active based on some runs ive already done.

I am located in Australia if that somehow makes a difference, server ping indicates im on US West servers as expected.

Are you playing a seasonal character?

Nope, old character.

Though I would try running through the copy character process again (it was successful the first time) and am getting a warning message “Account transfer is not allowed at this time. (Code 395017)”

Which I’ve now googled and sounds like there is a 72 hour cooldown on the account transfers.


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Yes, you need to create a seasonal character (or rebirth an old one) to start on the season journey all over again. Then you’ll be able to see the seasonal effects and get access to the shards.

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Ah fantastic, rookie mistake. Thanks for the help!

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PTR buff and sesonal theme are not the same.