The problem with pet monk builds

Pet AI.

Rabid Strike is a very cool item that copies your damaging spells for free. Unfortunately it’s extremely buggy. Sometimes it deals damage, and sometimes it doesn’t. The entire power fantasy is ruined when you stand there trying to wet noodle the enemies to death. This happens every minute of every GR.

What’s going on? The clones responsible for copy your skills are invisible mystic allies which (try to) appear when you use an ability. Unfortunately, they tend to get stuck on terrain and your spells just “fail”.

The 500% dmg on Rabid Strike is a big mistake. I am the hero! Not the clones. Same goes with bone spear Necro. It’s one thing that my attacks are copied, which would theoretically double my damage. But 3x or 6x dmg on copied attacks (or 29x more dmg like monk) is too much.

Bindings of the Lesser gods reads: enemies hit by cyclone strike take 200% increased damage from mystic ally. Mystic Ally is an active ability, Inna set is based on it. But for some reason it works with Rabid Strike. It is unclear why, but it really shouldn’t as this makes the balance between my attacks and my clones attack way worse.#GivePowerToHeroesNotClones

And finally, Enforcer gem. Very uninteresting. Strong and auto-choice for every build that can abuse it. Result is even more power moved from my character and placed on buggy brain dead AI. I wan’t to be making decisions about legendary gems, enforcer should very specifically be used for actual pet builds. Pets shouldn’t get to cast my spells better than myself!

There’s clearly a power struggle here. It’s a problem because of the “bugs”. If AI was 100% consistent and never got stuck on terrain (like the water rune of mystic ally), I wouldn’t notice that my character is actually powerless. But every time I play monk, I’m reminded how limp I am.

I can’t play Inna’s earth/fire, because ally get stuck and my ability unexpectedly do nothing.

I can’t play SWK or LoD Wave of Light monk, because ally get stuck and my ability unexpectedly do 0 dmg.

I can’t play SWK or LOD Lashing TailKick monk, because ally gets stuck and my ability do 0 dmg.

Please remove any effect that makes clones deal the dmg. I wan’t to have that power.


If the patch notes dont change (not talking about the pylon, mostly saders), i’m going full PoJ this season.

I was trying to figure out why some of my bell was not doing damage. Was the script changed? I feel like I didn’t have this problem back in S27.

I hate it with a passion.