The Necromancer's story

What is the story on this armor spell? The Necromancer uses a pact in Diablo, so they gain the final spells of magic? Why are they unable to win? It seems like bone armor would be incredible with a core that could activate its properties, like the artifact cube.

I thought that they began with corpse consume, or corpse explosion but the re-animation of armies of the dead, is sort of a final move, once the player character encounters a demon. If there so common in Diablo, why dont the priests of rathma just re-animate one of the demons they slay?

They can tell where spirits have been disturbed, but there not powerfull enough alone. The core of other magic users, all have different skills, that leave any necromancer as more of an outcast. Why dont they team up? Without the shadow of another dragon a dragon would stand no chance of winning a fight against a pair. Its the idea of there state of existence being the norm rather than the rare exveption.

No idea dude you might be able to learn more about it in like separate lore stories or something but- my take from the game is that its pretty much just a like graphics thing. Like it looks cool- and apart from the Necromancers being responsible for taking Diablo down there isn’t really too much else than that. Pretty cool if you ask me though- and well worth upgrading to Deluxe.