The Darkening of Tristram Returns January 3, 2023!

The portrait looks very elegant, too! It’s one of my favorites, well worth the annoyance of getting the pages imo.

they gonna make me do bounties after all

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I collected all 7 pages but I dont think they do anything if you’ve already unlocked the achievement? Lol.

Correct if you already have everything you do not receive anything new. They should add something new each year. A helm gem with different powers would be nice. The event is basically for new players not for us old timers who have done it several times already. I still run it a few times a year just for the heck of it.

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No, but you have to admit the Diablo font they use is so much nicer (read: authentic) and easier to read than the craptastic Ariel font the game normally uses.

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It’s now live if you have never tried it before have fun.

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The gem is unlikely to ever get used but don’t forget that the first time you socket it into a helm, that unlocks a helm transmog of your hero having the soulshard in their forehead (like the hero at the end of Diablo).

I know that is the transmog I usually use. :gem:

I love this event. I got the stone (for the transmog) and the Butcher pet. Now I hunt baddies for those classic portraits. After that will be the cow. I MUSS HAS THE COW!!!

Too bad the event is not farmable like in season 25 (I got sooo many gems from those guaranteed shards)

Not going to complain (too much) about free content, but something about the filter/effect being used does not agree with my (fading) vision. I don’t mean that I dislike the style or look, but more like an eyestrain effect (the blur maybe). Fired up both the GOG version of 1 and the modded original (from cd) version of 2 for reference. Both fit my lower resolution memories, but didn’t produce the same reaction. Anyway, probably a case of enjoy what I like and move on from what I don’t.

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The pages are account bound if collected with a seasonal toon. But they can be shared if collected with a non-seasonal toon. Just saying.

I get some of the same issues. Puts strain on my eyes

There is a cluster of gems you can click on that showers the floor with gems.
Also, killing Lazaras showers the floor with gems too.

Could farm them.