The D2R forum is a house divided

It appears that some D2 players want the game to remain in it’s old dated version from the last century. Others want even more updates on top of the newer graphics. The developers have said that you can play either version (dated or updated) so what is the issue?

  • I cannot force myself to play the old version so until D4 comes out I will go with the D2R and the D3 seasons (assuming they are interesting).

Does the old version get some graphic update - for example 1080p?

I am not a fan of the new graphics in D2R. Some things are clunky.


I do not know.

This is why I do not play the old version anymore, I feel like the entire game is dated and clunky.

  • The old graphics is a turn off. In a few months we will see how D2R looks and plays.

It seems to me that a large group of player’s have kept the “game” going but when they type D2 they mean the mods, to people like me that left the game for a decade or so. It sounds like a new game.
The mods seems to have some QoL changes that seems nice but it seems like some changes have been deeper to affect gear and skills. That isn’t a bad thing but it can easily create such a difference that basically you see a new game.
I wonder if the new team should look into the mods in order to bring in some changes that keeps the difficulty the original offers.
To sum it up, I believe some QoL like the inventory getting some solution for separate charms, keychain and so on would be acceptable. But the core of the game should at start stay.
I bet next step is an expansion bringing some larger changes. Just a hunch :wink:
Lastly just have yet again applaud the teams responsible for this recreation, bravo!

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At some point, I hope they will have 2 version of D2:R. One the “untouchable”, so that hardcore fans would have nothing to say, and one with improved game play, seasons, balances, etc.

There is literally zero reasons for not touching the game because even hardcore fans knows that there are many issues with the game but for “nostalgia” reasons, they prefer that…version!


I mean D2R is clunky. Old version is fine. It just needed a proper upscale and new integration. The 3D thing was useless. It’s a step back for me as long as it has issues, and it will.

It was always going to happen and pretty sure the devs knew this too, which is way they said like 10 times in the interview they want to keep as close to the original as they can, so things like charm bags and instanced loot wont happen

If you gave people a million dollars they would complain it’s not a million and one. Can we pause for a second and recognize that Blizzard managed to update the game without completely trashing it?


If you give a mouse a cookie…

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The new version is still going to be clunky especially if you play with the old graphics and 25FPS. Remastered version can be 60+ but it looks like a speeded up version of the clunkiness.


I personally think they are handling it the proper way. Update graphics and QoL, making it the best version of itself it can be for everyone to enjoy, returning or new. Then, I hope if it does well, they might make an expansion beyond that and add tons of content. People can simply not buy it if they don’t want to play that way.


well its more that the original art style is different than the d2r artstyle

its a style thing, these new devs did their own artwork over d2’s artwork.
its not ‘bad’ looking, well it is in some cases it’s underdeveloped and may or may not get fixed, example some of the chars faces, andariels fire in her lair is blazingly bright its awfully done, but overal the new 2021 art style looks ‘cool’ its just not at all diablo 2’s art style.

so, its not ‘just nostalgia bro’ its style, and for a remastered game some of us / most i’d argue enjoy the original art style, not this new totally different art direction. its not d2’s art style amped up, its a whole new painting, and that’s wack.

the whole “its nostalgia it’s discounted” talk has to go in 2021 were all too old for that type of discount / slam down.


That’s an illusion. Old version is very clunky too, but this clunkiness hides behind 25 fps, pixel graphics, and 2d sprite animations.


Yes, it has it’s problems, but these would be tripled in the new version, just wait until you play it and you’ll see.

Did you watch the deep dive? They took the reference material and the in game stuff and just made it 3D. Outside of the characters, everything is based off of D2 or the archived referenced material.

You’re never too old to bit bit by the nostalgia bug.

You offer hand, they demand head (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

How is it clunky to you? it is literally a new engine running over the top of the original game just upgrading the GXF that is why you can instantly toggle back and forth but from every thing I watched it looked so much smoother same gameplay better GFX.


I didn’t watch much. I don’t like what I saw. I’ll re-evalute on release, but I am not pre-ordering this in any case.


I am scratching my head at people saying it will be less cluncky only in the non-3d version.

They outright said that the old version is running the game with the new code just allowing it to work on modern PC and with better graphics. That is so true, that there IS an option on which graphics to use.

I have tried playing D2 and PoD and neither one plays as smoothly as modern games have spoiled me with. I have no interest in the original, bad, gameplay. It was good when it came out, now it is just bad gameplay.

If they brought a perfect copy of the skills and graphics (even the original 2D non-scaled ones) to D3 or D4’s engine, I would be a lot more likely to play it. I am spoiled as I said. I am not having co-workers getting me started on Diablo anymore. I am an adult with fun similar to arthritis that makes some gameplay types push me away.

It felt bad and clunky back then my friend. People just accepted it for what it was. The only thing the 3d version will do is smooth the animations and fill in those gaps from 25FPS. It’s still the same clunky gameplay with smoother animations.

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