The current state of Diablo 2 Resurrected physical release

Hello everyone,

I am huge physical gaming enthusiast and I reached to Blizzard to ask about the console release of D2R.

Unfortunately for now it is ONLY digital. However it is still in discussion if they want to make a physical release.

I mean COME ON Blizzard you released Diablo 3 physically in 3 editions over 2 generations of consoles!

  • Regular Diablo 3 (xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls (xbox 360 and PS3,PS4,XBOXOne)
  • Diablo 3 Eternal Collection (PS4, XboxOne)

It will be a shame to make Diablo 2 Resurrected digital only!


It would be cool since i have all the Diablo games in physical edition.


Not likely to happen. This is meant to be a quick cash grab for them, and a diversion for us while waiting on D4. Making physical copies on such a large scale would cost too much money. At least that’s likely what Blizzard Management is thinking.


I can even agree if they make it a limited release. For example Limited Run Games could do the manufacturing and they will only produce the amount ordered and already paid so there will be no risk of “losing money”.

I just can’t accept a timeless classic like Diablo 2 NOT having a proper timeless physical release :frowning:


I disagree. There has been a very large demand for a remake of Diablo 2 for years. It is one of the most beloved games in the history of video gaming. Blizzard and Vicarious Visions have both demonstrated a proper reverence for this fact - it is not some quick, ported cash grab. Sure, Blizzard will (and probably already has) made a pile of money off D2:R, but what else would you expect? That’s kind of the business they’re in.

This is also not a bridge to D4. There is a massive segment of gamers who aren’t interested in D4 but are salivating for D2:R, which will carve out its own place in Blizzard’s library.


Exactly. Some of us don’t want anther break neck hack and slash with zero strategy involved. Fights should take longer then the time it takes to push the button…


what does this add to the conversation about digital and physical release?

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What does your question add? Who does it serve? Why are we here? When will I care? Where is the the ark of the covenant?


mine does not add anything, pointing out that yours have no meaning on this thread.


You should ask top men about that.

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Personally not a collector, simply never been one, there for the sake of the game and playing it, not brag… And yes, kinda easy for me to give up the “hope” for physical copies therefore… However, I DO agree with the “cynical” view that there won’t be physical copies of D2R due to something else:

Not because it’s a “quick cash grab” otherwise, or would be easier to not do it, BUT rather because of the Pandemic and the fact it were to be done would most likely be a “NA exclusive” thing (i.e. unfair towards other countries/regions) tbh

There not being a physical release is very disappointing.

SE made a physical version of FFVIII remastered months after it released! Blizzard can easily make physical versions for console.


This absolutely needs a physical release. At the very least a physical release on consoles.

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D3 is a new game, D2R is a remaster of a 21 year old game…


So? I can’t see why a remaster can’t have a physical edition too.


It could have one. It all depends on if they want to or not. I would say it will be digital. If it reaches a certain threshold, it may get a limited run for physical.

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Yes. I mean it’s going to be digtal ofcourse. But why exclude the option of physical copyes just because it’s a remaster?

Cost. That’s a huge reason.

Why would they want to put in the effort and cost, just so a few people can have a box to keep on the shelf?

  • Purchase the game, install the game, play the game. That is how it is done in 2021.

Sad if they don’t release a physical version, as if it ends like it looks like, I’d even buy an overpriced collector’s edition, because it’s a game that means too much for me, I’ve played every single year during the last 20 years.

Anyway, despite being desperate for playing it, I won’t preorder until like few days before the release, in order to be able to check that it doesn’t go the “Reforged way”.

Ignore him, he looks like the only thing that makes him happy is trying to turn people upset.