Thank you to game producer

Hi all, Long time lurker here.

Just want to mention that I’ve been reading through the post by our very own #Matthew Cederquist (hoped that would work).

And nowhere has anyone really said thank you!
for so long now we’ve been wanting consistent feedback / a voice from blizz on diablo and now here we have it. He is literally delivering answers and solutions, he is providing us with what we have been asking for.

he is a true nephalem.


If matthew run for president I would vote for him.

There are multiple threads/posts with people sharing their approval and gratitude to the new D3 dev team. They are really trying to further build upon D3 and we should support them!

Matthew Cederquist daily forum activity and communication with us is really what we have been asking for in the past and we should be all happy now such thing is finally happening.

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Hear, hear! It is a long over due and quite welcome change. Hope he is allowed to continue at the frequency and detail level demonstrated so far.

Many of us have thanked him sincerely. Speaking for myself, I truly appreciate his communication, its frequency, and have tried to convey my gratitude.



Less lurking, more reading. He’s been thanked and appreciated.