Thank you to all the Sinners, past and present

(Mugsy here posting on alt account… the website isn’t letting me sign into my main account for some reason)

With D4 early access just around the corner and many of our current active members switching over to the new game likely for good, I just wanted to say it’s been a stellar 10yrs or so with the 7 Sins clan.

From my vanilla days of getting into D3 endgame and managing the community’s ‘crypt run’ roster, my first proper season in S2 when peeps helped me gear up a Condemn Sader, S5 when we all pretty much moved to seasons just to get extra stash tabs, my HC days on this account (Cranky spending like 10min keeping me alive after a DC being a memorable highlight), and these final few seasons of meteoric seasonal buffs, it’s been a fantastic run!

I’ve elected to continue with D3 for the foreseeable future as my time to game is quite minimal these days. I’ll eventually get D4 during a sale but we’ll see if I get into the endgame like i did with D3. There’s a beauty to simplicity that D3 has that I don’t think we will ever see in another ARPG again.

Swing by for S29 to say hi!


Hello Mugsy,
Was great fun running with you, I hope it’s not too long before we can team up again in D4.

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It’s never “goodbye”. Just “see you again”.

I actually uninstalled d3 already. But when I get a moment, I’ll reinstall and pass the mantle onto you. Someone has to run the shop.

Cheers Mugsy, and keep the 7s legacy running.

Thanks Ryo.

Not sure if I’ll be able to live up to the legacy that is the 8th Sin but I’ll do my best!

There’s still a handful of us who jump in during the week so I won’t be keeping the 7S legacy running alone.