Tempest Rush Offhand Weapon?

I’m confused about the best offhand weapon choice for my POJ tempest rush monk in GR speeds + GR pushing. The max roll guide shows two planner layouts using azurewrath or echoing fury. I have ancient versions of both available. The azurewrath choice makes sense based on its cold damage bonus to flurry.

I don’t understand the echoing fury choice, which is the offhand weapon I currently use on my seasonal monk for GR. The guide suggests that attack speed is a terrible stat for tempest rush because I do not see it recommended anywhere relative to stuff like crit chance, crit damage, cooldown reduction and area damage. The frenzy stacks on echoing fury do not appear to increase the rate at which tempest rush stacks flurry, which is the main source of your damage. Should I just go azurewrath for solo GR speed and pushing?

The damage of Tempest Rush scales with attack speed, so having frenzy stacks when you pop Flurry will greatly enhance your damage. Higher attack speed also drains your spurit faster, but the soirit generation from PoJ set bonus should compensate. Azurewrath is generally easier since it is always active. Sunkeeper is also a potential for GR push since it rolls with elite damage so it can really help with elite packs and RG.

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