Teleported out of Diabolical Fissue area by wormhole affix

On the 12th of an in the end 15-level Diabolical Fissure got teleported outside of the Diabolical Fissure area by an elite with the wormhole affix. Explored a bit around as you can see on the minimap. Good one can get back in by going back to level 1 and run trough the following ones.

Even though I reached trust level 2 in between, not sure if that means I can embed pictures more easy than before, but I am sure someone will tell me. :wink: No hard feelings - you know! :slight_smile:
No, still need to do that β€œtrick”… :frowning:

Embedding it for you (you need to be TL-3 to embed pictures) :


Thank you very much! :vulcan_salute:

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That happened to me once in the same place.
Not much you can do except return to the entrance and walk back down.

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Same here … and exact same map and location.
I was running a Monk with dashing strike and was not able to jump back into the area so I had to return to the starting portal and retrace the portals back down here.
Fortunately the diabolical chest was not found or opened.

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