Team member needed: na server

The 4Horsemen is an Australian Diablo 3 Team, currently we are seeking a reliable 4th team member to become Death.
War, Famine & Plague are ready and preparing for Season 21.

We currently have:
War: Zbarb / Frenzy Barb / RendWind Barb
Plauge: DPS Necromancer / ZDPS Necromancer
Famine: ZDPS Monk / GOD Demon Hunter / Multishot Demon Hunter

After someone Flexible & Willing to play multiple roles.

War & Plague average Paragon 3000+ each season, with the Team in the GR135 - GR140 Range, we also push 2’s & 3’s.

We generally play on and off 24/7 with people running during the day & most team efforts done at night on AEST Time.

Add: TYR#11549 if Interested or contact me on
Discord: TYR_FENRIR#9608