Tasker and Theo's interaction with Marauder Sentry

I noticed that Sentry auto-cast has issues that don’t seem to make sense, in the context of Tasker and Theo.

Combat Bug: Tasker and Theo looks like it does increase the attack rate of auto-cast Impale, Chakram & Elemental Arrow. But this effect does not apply to Multishot and Cluster Arrow, at least from my naked eye observation.

Tasker and Theo not working with Multishot and Cluster Arrow is strange. If it’s not working because auto-cast Multishot and Cluster Arrow do not count as sentries’ own attacks, then Enforcer would not apply to sentries’ MS and CA. With Marauder’s being resurrected as DH’s pet build, it just “feels” strange that Enforcer wouldn’t work as initially expected.