Tal Rasha "Stack" Ability

Need some help. How does the "4-stack’ ability work…is there anything special to do, other than set the attack elements (1,2,3 & 4). Am trying to complete the set dungeon, but have not been able to activate the part of “kill 90 while stacked 4 times” - so…need some help. thanks!

You need to have all 4 stacks active if you want to complete Tal-rasha’s set dungeon.

To do so, you need to attack with 4 different elemental skills (fire, cold, lightning, and arcane) to gain all 4 stacks, then constantly attack with at least 2 of those different elements in order to properly refresh/reapply the buff, otherwise the buff will end and you’ll have to reactivate it by attacking with 4 different elemental skills again.

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Right. You need 1 ability from each of the 4 elements - Fire, Cold, Lightning, Arcane. It doesn’t matter which abilities you use, as long as they deal damage to the enemies using the element. Read your set bonus carefully.

Rotate your abilities while attacking enemies to refresh the stacks without losing them. Look down at the bottom of your screen, above your abilities, and you will see the stacks represented as a small icon, along with other buffs effecting your character, so you can keep an eye on your stacks.

Tip: If you turn on elective mode (esc->options->Gameplay->Elective Mode check box), you can load multiple primary abilities (the ones that generate arcane power), which have no cooldown.

Make sure you take into consideration which ability runes you’ll use, since a lot of them change the element type.

Note: This is good general practice if you plan on utilizing the Tal Rasha full set bonus into your build, because keeping your stacks up at all times is crucial to maximizing your damage output.


The set dungeon is not working at all for me.
I’m using lightning hydra (with serpent sparker and magistrate), and after casting all 4 elements at the beginning I keep alternating hydra and disintegrate (fire). 4 Tal stacks are up 100% of the time according to the element indicator icon.
Still I end up with about 30 “4 stack kills” after wiping the dungeon.
What am I missing?

I just tried running a set dungeon with some of the items and skills you mentioned such as Lightning Hydra with magistrate and serpent sparker, fire Disintegrate, ice magic missle, and Calamity Teleport (arcane), and had no issue getting the kills in. As such, I can’t see any reason as to why you’re not geting your kills, unless somewhere along the line your 4 stacks ended, and you were killing monsters with 2-3 stacks instead of 4 stacks.

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Thank you for trying it.
Still failing for me. I played around a bit (using arcane hydra), same issue.
I have read somewhere that the 4 piece requires to actually hit with all 4 elements and does not refresh with just 2 like the 6pcs. But is not displayed at all. Maybe the dungeon takes the 4pcs for the counter?

Well, I’ll probably use a different set for the season journey. :frowning:

Hmm, I’ve checked to make sure, but it doesn’t look like the set dungeon requires the 4 piece bonus to be completely active, as after gaining all 4 damage buffs, I alternated between two different skills to keep up the 6 piece bonus for enough time to let the full 4 piece defense bonus drop. Despite that, I was still able to gain kills. So honestly I’m at a loss as to why it’s not working for you. I mean the only other possibility, is that it’s bugged in season mode as I haven’t gotten to max level yet in season, and my testing was done in non-season.

That said, if you do decide to go for another wizard set dungeon, I’d recommend Firebird. Even before the rework, it was pretty easy to clear, but the recent rework made it even easier than before, far easier than Tal-Rasha and Vyr’s set dungeons (both of which are pretty easy once you have the needed items).

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Ok, I’m gearing for Firebird anyway, I’ll try that.
Thank you for helping!

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Firebird mastery is a breeze with the new set. :smiley:

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Haha, indeed it is, I’m glad you had no trouble with it!

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