SWK Tempest Rush Guide (sub 10 mins 135)

Hi there,
Here is a SWK Tempest Rush Guide for those of you who are interested to see how far this build can push. I did a 135 sub 10 mins in 1 single key before making this guide … seems like monk is not weak at all.

Edit: The 135 clear for anyone who was interested:


Will Patterns of Justice play similar to this after the patch that fixes flurry explosion not being buffed by the 6 set?

PoJ plays similarly except you don’t need as much, if any, RCR due to PoJ 4 piece. PoJ is also much faster as far as movement speed but it has less damage output. SWK is a 196x multiplier and PoJ is 151x.


Yes after the WKL fist, monk is stronger, and it has nothing to do with the new set.

Wish they would just fix the Recource cost of Tempest rush skill it self

Good video btw

(You have 7 million damage & 8000 paragon btw)

I tried out Patterns of Justice with Flurry, and Epiphany teleport is resetting the Flurry stacks consistently. I hope it gets fixed. When the fix goes through to make the Flurry stack explosion work with Patterns of Justice, it might be competitive. I believe this is the main reason we are seeing people use Sunwuko, the Flurry explosion actually works well. That and Sunwuko is slightly higher damage, but you can wear Squirt’s necklace with POJ.
Anyway, i hope they fix the Flurry explosion for POJ - and it’s in the patch notes so yeah… cool.

You can wear Squirt’s with Sunwuko. Equip SWK gloves, shoulders, helm, chest and pants. CC belt and boots. Squirt’s, Zodiac and Coe. Cesar’s, VW and WKL.

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Khord you’re so helpful. :grin:
Sorry I’m a DH main and I’m trying to convert to Monk this season! Soaking up a lot of knowledge in a short time.
edit: I tried out SWK w/ Flurry in a 109 and I was able to one shot dense trash packs. It chunked elites pretty hard, but didn’t kill them. It’s a fun play style. I hope they fix the epiphany teleport though, because it causes me to cancel Flurry too early sometimes and you lose damage trying to avoid the teleport. But yeah Patterns Of Justice is getting the Flurry rune fixed in the next patch.

has anyone ever tried to get mr passive running? in theory you’d choose a gen instead of cs (or ally in the vid above) and use the 3 hit to get a 35% multiplier. i tested it once bit its again a bit harder to play.

Is Tempest Rush going to be as strong as WW barb next season (after flurry gets fixed for PoJ)? Both playstyles are very similar, but the flurry explosions make me tingly on the inside, so I’m kinda leaning towards monk, if the damage is comparable.

Also, TR monk for RGK? TR stacking stricken + Flurry explosions make it pretty insane.

Undecided whether or not I’ll even play this season, hell not even sold und playing a Monk, but seeing Monk got some attention I might be game.

Vid from Achilles seems fairly easy to pull off which since I’m hardly an ace is somewhat of requirement for me :smiley: Do wish though he would do that run again, but this time with 800 paragon. With his 8000 paragon active you can’t really judge if it that’s effective when you’re in Season where your paragon is far less.

Playing 8-10hra to get conquest then done. I may just random roll at this point. And go full speed build. Chicken WD for all I care at this point…

Was wanting to play the POJ monk but the set and gameplay are so underwhelming.

You will be surprised if you chose Monk

Why? :astonished:

20 char.

The monk is very strong compare to gen Raiment or WOL which i pushed with last era. The new SWK buff and also Tempest Rush weapon allows monk to compete near the top.

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Hopefully with the new fix coming, there won’t be any more random epiphany teleports during tempest rush on fat mobs.

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Yeah this wasn’t addressed in the patch notes info so I’m a bit worried. I’m hoping the epiphany teleports/flurry cancels are ALL related to the cyclone strike from WKL and that is how they fix it all. TR is exactly like whirlwind but with dashing strike for torment and flurry nukes for GR. I expect to see people drop VW for EF with PoJ for that juicy AS multiplier. Pretty sure PoJ has the regen for it.

Not sure how you came up with double damage after 4 applications of stricken (not given every hit) 1.08 x 1.25 … 35% more damage… any damage spell connecting resets SW crits just give it another stack… other than that

nice video…

it doesnt seem like they fixed the bug epiphany at all

Just copy / pasting from my reddit post, and the other time I posted this on the forum. I just want to get the news out there!

Patterns of Justice was fixed (Flurry works now), but don’t use Vengeful Wind. The movement speed makes flurry stacks drop early!

Hey all. Since the beta, Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush has been my baby. I was testing it when a GR 86 was too much to ask. Now I’m happy to announce we’re able to 1-shot elites in 110+! Here is the video explaining why you should never use Vengeful Wind with the Flurry Rune with the Justice set, and it shows some game play in a GR 109:

To do this you use the Tempest Rush rune, Flurry. You get 100 stacks and then hit blind (to buff Cesar’s Memento bracers for 800% damage) and the explosion from canceling 100 stacks tempest rush will one shot a trash pack or chunk an elite hard. Or in some cases one shot an elite.

The issue is that people were getting Flurry stacks reset randomly. So you’d never get up to 100 stacks unless you were lucky. For this build to do well, you need to cancel Tempest Rush at 100 stacks, in a good position, after hitting Blind, and if you use COE it has to be on Cold cycle. I use unity instead, but we’ll see if I can learn how to play without it ;).

So I did some searching on google, and found a post on the old official forums saying that when players got a big movement speed buff like a speed pylon, their Tempest Rush would reset. Basically that’s what’s making Patterns of Justice not work with the fist weapon, Vengeful Wind. Vengeful Wind gives us 13 stacks of Sweeping Wind, and with the Justice set every stack of Sweeping Wind gives 5% movement speed. This buff to movement speed will act like a Speed Pylon! So basically you have to use Sunkeeper instead of Vengeful Wind. Which means we are no longer a TR / SW build. Tempest Rush is really all that’s getting buffed here.

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Low paragon and no caldessan we must take dextery in hands and RCR in zodiac in cube Lefebvere`s Soliloquy. High Paragon and caldessan profit zodiac AS and hand AS and Stone. Since we have many additive damage(Skill bonus,Taeguk,Blinding) I don’t see the point in taking Mr Yan’s pants or take the passive addetive(monk have 2 passive mult relentless assault and mythyc rhythm). The more ally is helping us to take the attack speed gloves and the ring and takes the diamond in socket head(+damage with crimson).Weapon Ellite > 10 Damage because the his need have in two the hands of to was only 10% damage(hands change under attack) while damage on elite from this not depend and give on fact damage(in two hands +16% damage)…And with the elite, we take longer to kill than trash, plus it helps us kill the boss. Priority of secondary stats in item resist all item,torso - reduced melee or range or Life after Each kill,feet - bonus globe

Life per second - very good stat vs ellite arcane enchanted and molten

Life after Each kill - A very good characteristic that does not occupy a place in things (completely restores health)

Bad Ellite - Wall, illusions and worm hole

Top boss - Stone singer give stack stricken and non stop active passive Sieze the Initiative

Bad Boss all summoner

CoE stat - CHC CHD AD or damge

Templar Setup :

up only fist passive on heal and four passive on regen spirit

item oculus and relic Enchanting Favor no use item on control

sunwuko stronger a new set of on 30%
Sry my english

MKG Tempest Rush is nice but I still like PoJ for its movement speed.