SWK or PoJ - TR?

Hey guys, I’m getting back into playing Monk for the first time in forever - last I played one was when SWK WoL was the only real build that had any potential - so I’m a bit out of date on the latest builds.

Last season I saw most monks running PoJ TR, but everyone seems to have switched to SWK TR this time round. Is it just because SWK was the starter set or does SWK TR have some advantage over PoJ? Thanks!

Season 20 allowed you to cube 2 weapon powers, Balance and Wom Kim Lau, and equip Shenlong’s Paired Fists. Sunwuko TR could not maintain the spirit drain but PoJ could so that was the highest damage potential. SWK is the stronger set so this season SWK will likely be the highest GR clear, but PoJ is a much more laid back style of gameplay. Both are strong, user preference is the final judge.

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!

PoJ is better for speed, so anything sub 110-115ish range. Swk deals more dmg and is a lot safer since you need to stack rcr and use cc set.
PoJ is simpler to get up and running.
Do not use swk if you do not have bad stats on cdr/rcr because then PoJ might be better choice.
My coice of play is swk since I can do 130+ with it (but its totally hard in group play to get it done right).

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